The Cheat:Mehhe!

Dear The Cheat,
How long have you been friends with Strong Bad and where did you meet?
--Dark Grapefruit

[spoken]: Mehheh meh meh mehehheheh?
[typed]: Dark Grapefruit? What kinda names is that?
[spoken]: Mehhehheh meh meh mehhehhehmeh.
[typed]: Anyway, I went surfing one day off Paradise Island.
[spoken]: Meh meh hehmehhehmeh.
[typed]: I got into surfing trouble.
[spoken]: Mehhehheheh meheheh.
[typed]: I bumped into a weird man with boxing gloves, when I woke on the beach.
[spoken]: Mehheh mehheh mehheh meh hehmehheh.
[typed]: That was 3 years ago, and he's been kicking me ever since.

[Strong Bad enters]

Strong Bad: Hey, uh, grapefruit person, you made The Cheat homesick. You big jerk. [holds up right hand] See? See? I'm-a flip you off.

The Cheat: Mehheh hehmeh!

Dear The Cheat,
Why cant you talk?
-- (Psycho Mike)?

[spoken]: Mehheh meheh!
[typed]: I can talk, stupid!
[spoken]: Hehmeh ehheh.
[typed]: I'm talking to you right now.
[spoken]: MEH!
On Screen: DELETED!

The Cheat: Mehheh heh meh!
Dear awsome yellow furry thing who is friends with SM,
What would you look like as a japanese cartoon? Also, is there a whole bunch of little things like you?
Marietta, GA

{spoken}: Hehmeh heh heh MEH!
{typed}: Your first part is unoriginal, DELETED!
{spoken}: Hehmeh eh heh meh heh meh...
{typed}: At Paradise Island there were...

Strong Bad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. DON'T MAKE THE CHEAT HOMESICK!

Dear The Cheat,

Why is your name THE Cheat? Why not just cheat?


The Cheat: Because I'm the one and only! I mean, none of my brothers or sisters cheat!

Dear The Cheat,

You didn't answer the question in my last e-mail because of Strong Bad. Maybe he should be called Intteruptor Jones. Anyway, I'm still curious and THIS TIME MAKE YOUR ROOM STRONG BAD PROOF!!! Anyway, I also want to know if you've ever heard of Doregardd. Oh, and even though I think your are the most awsomest thing ever, I can't understand you. Why?

Hope I get a proper answer this time,
Marietta, GA

The Cheat: Fine, fine, fine. OK, at Paradise Island the population consists of great Cheats like me and rats that are really ugly. {COUGHsneakCOUGH) Who IS Doregard, anyway? Some kinda robot? Oh and you can't understand me because...(pounding)
Strong Bad:(offscreen) Get these freakin' bars of your door!

Dear The Cheat,

How can you type without fingers?


The Cheat: Please forward all these questions to Strong Sad.

Dear The Cheat,
Why do you make Coach Z purple in your cartoons?

The Cheat: Because the people who do the coloring are colorblind. Next!

Dear Cheat,

Do you ever make videogames?


The Cheat: Yes, it's called "Worship The Cheat". You have to bow in a rythmic fasion to a giant statue of me. I sent it in for Strong Bad to be published about six years ago. Stil no word from him.

Dear Cheat,

I wanna make you home sick. can I?

If so: Do you miss all the cheating you used to do on you bro's and sis's?

{Strong Bad stabs the comuter with a Bigg Nife CD}

Dear the cheat,

I really like your cartoons! Do you use a special program to make them? If so how long does it take to make tham I mean them?

Thanks for the info,

The Cheat: Thanks a lot. Thanks for not using backspace. It takes me about 100 years to do the laborous artwork. Then I have to use the voice synthysyser for 15 years. But here's my latest creation:
{Powered By The Cheat!}
Strong Bad: What will I do with this pile of trophies?
Senor Cardgage: Give it to The Cheat.
Strong Bad: Wow, you are so cool. I will do it. Oh, The Cheat!
The Cheat: Meh?
Strong Bad: Free trophies for you!
Girl: Thaaaaaam. Thaaaaaam. Thaaaaam.
{'Cut out to Strong Bad and The Cheat}
Strong Bad: The only good thing here is you made fun of your emailer. You can either have... a wine glass... or an anchovvy pizza.
The Cheat: {half hartedly points to wine glass}

To The Cheat,

You obviously are very game-deprived. I bet the only thing you're ever able to play on your computer is Warstash III. I feel sorry for all you Tangerine users. You really ought to get a Compy-Compatible computer because then you can play other stuff too, like Unreal Toh-uuu-nament 20X6.

The Tangerine sucks,
Zachary Colson, NC

The Cheat: HEY! For your information, Warstash III is a great game! And so is Solitare! Anyway, as for you, Zach, I won't ever be getting a new computer like Strong Bad! Because I'll never need to!

Strong Bad enters, singing "The System is Down"

Strong Bad:The System, Is down! The System, is dow-WOAH! THE CHEAT, IS GROUNDED!... AGAIN! And I'm taking away your computer. Oh, but before I do that, DELETED!

Dear The Cheat,

Strong Bad has been lying to you. Pencil shavings are NOT legal tender. Quit tricking me, i mean, Bubs, into thinking they are.

Fresh out of you,
The Concession Guy

The Cheat: Well, Concession Guy, I'm not tricking you at all. And Strong Bad isn't lying to me, either.

Strong Bad: (In The Backround) snicker...snicker...

The Cheat: Uh... anyway, Wal-Mart, you said that pencil shavings were a legal tender, also. Your sign read that you accepted "Money, Cash, Cash Money, and Pencil Shavings", so there you go. So, in closing, legal tenders are what you make of them. For example, I'm going to make a legal tender out of this "Doregard" that Marietta from Georgia speaks of.

Dear The Cheat

Are you still going out with gr8lookinggrrl, or did you break up?

The Cheat: Oh, jeez! Would you please pay attention to what I was writting when I was talking to her? I said I was big, had no neck, and had an 'M' on my shirt. So, maybe if you were a little better at paying attention to details, you would've realized I was reffering to Strong Mad, just to get her out of my hair. However, I will do something to stop myself from throwing another Van Buren bust. DELETED!

When are you going to answer these? -CE5

Dear The Cheat,

In the One million pie-eating contest, were you in the contest?

Your fan-
Mason, MO

The Cheat: Uhhhhh. Well, uh , maybe. Well, I'm shore... NO!

{Homestar Runner gets on the compeuter}

Homestar Runner:He's lieing. I'll show you Mason.

{Homestar puts DVD in The Cheat's compeuter and clicks play}

Homesay: Sorry that I'm late. And now the One million pie-eating contest. The Contestons are... Strong Bad!

Strong Bad: Why did she came back?

Homesay: Homesar!

Homsar: AaAaAaAaAa?! What a pritty baby.

Homesay: And The Cheat!

The Cheat:....What?

Homeschool Winner: Weady... Set... GO!

{The screen says Scene Missing just like in Parsnips-A-Plenty}

Homesay: What's the flavor The Cheat?

The Cheat: Grape!

{The DVD stops}

The Cheat: What are you doing?

Homestar Runner: Nothing.

Hey The Cheat,
If you had a voice, what would it probably sound like?
Luv cHeEtR001