Stinkoman emails are done by Comanche

Stinkoman: Mail is for losers. Email is for winners!

Hi Stinkoman,
I was just wondering what your greatest challenge has been.
Your fan,
Dark Grapefruit

Stinkoman: My greatest challenge was "The Great Guy Contest".
Homestarry: Hey Stinkoman, I'm going to win the contest.
Stinkoman: Yeah? DOUBLE DEUCE!
Stinkoman: Then I won the contest on account of my awesomeness.

Stinkoman: I am looking for a challleeeeeeeeeeennnnggggggggge!

Dear Stinkoman,

How can you type if you don't have fingers? (sorry, I just had to ask that)

X6th quadrant

Stinkoman: DOUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman: Challenge and fighting and fighting and challenge unite!

Dear Stinkoman:
I love crap. Crap crap crap. Are you crap? Did you invent crap?
Crapfully yours,
MonkeyD ( Lord Karkon )

Stinkoman: DOUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman: JAPANESE CARTOONS ARE W- Japanese cartoons are wierd!

Dear Man that really reeks,
Thanks for reading this email in your crappy little voice,
Pomx2, the pretty one

Stinkoman: You want a challenge? You voice doesn't sound like you're good for a challenge. DOOOUUUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman:Twenty exty six! Nineteen thirty-six!

Dear Stinky man
Who chose your name? that kid? Pan-Pan? Yo mama? WHO!?!

Stinkoman: Who chose my name? YOU dare ask ME who chose my name?!?!?!?!?! DOUBLE DEUCE!


Dear SM,
If you are so superheroish, how came you don't have an alterego?
-Mike, UK

Stinkoman: What! I am the alterego of Strong Bad! Perhaps another visit to [Japanese Cartoon] would help? DOUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman: I'm going to Challenge my email. I mean check.

Dear Stinkoman,
Why do you always double duece at the end of every email?
-Homsarian Warlord

Stinkoman: Whatever do you mean by spelling DEUCE wrong??? Let me give you a little lesson on how to properly spell deuce:


Stinkoman:None you you can stand up to the awesome power of a DOUBLE DEUCE!

Do you ever do bad stuff when you're not strong bad?

Stinkoman:Well, that would entirely depend on what you mean by bad. And before I forget, DOUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman: Emmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiillllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think you will be able to achieve Triple Deuce by the next tounament?

Stinkoman: How could I Triple Deuce?!?!?!?! Grow another hand? To Triple Deuce you'd need three middle fingers! DOUBLE DEUCE!

Stinkoman: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Pan-Pan is fat! Email is fat!

Dear Stinkoman:

How is strongsad in the year 20X6? Is he any better than in 2004? 'Cause right now, he's kind of awful...

Stinkoman: Who is this one you speak of "Strong Sad"? one of your friends?
As for better, all 20X6 charcters are waaaaaaaaaaay better than 2004! Thought from
what I hear, he is really whiny! No whiny people are allowed in Stinkoville. DOUBLE DEUCE!

Dear Stinkoman,

Why are you obbsesed with double duce? Did you invent the words, "double duce" ? It's getting really annoying.

Doubley Duced,

Stinkoman:Clearly, you don't care. You even signed your email "Doubley Duced". And it's spelled Deuce. UNDER THE LEG DEUCE!

Dear Stinkoman,

Just how stinkey are you?

Stinkoman: I'm not actually stinky, my name is just Stinkoman. UNDER THE LEG DEUCE!

Dear That Stinko Type Man:
Who is the greatest villain in the year 20x6? What does he/she look like?
Stinkoman Necron

Stinkoman:Well, I think you answered that yourself. It's Stinkoman Necron! STINKY DEUCE!

Evaluation: Please make these a bit longer.

Dear Stinkoman,
- Stickleyman (who isn't dead! HA!)