3-only friends
4-1936 version
6-sarcastic remarks

Whats Her Face: I'll answer the e-mail. I'll answer the e-mail.
Dear Whats Hre Fays
Are you taken? My girlfriend just left me, and I am desperate. (Whats Her Face: Wow! A shred of hope!) Actually, I don't like you. This was just a dare from my friends. I hope that Thomas bats you.
- From, The Ugly One
- Oops, I mean, um, Strong Bad
- Um... I mean, um... Paulo?

Whats Her face: Oh well... I guess it's better than nothing.
Thomas walks in.
Whats Her face: Oh, hi Thomas!
Thomas walks away.
Strong Bad's Voice: Shunn'd!

Whats Her Face: Email'd!

Dear Whats Her Face,

Are you really that ugly in real life?

With much and lots and extra crap,

Whats Her Face: You're one to be typing! I mean, your font is just plain disgus- wait, that's not what you meant. Well, Pomexto, I'd tell you, but the mirror store banned me for continuous destruction of property. I wonder why.

WHF: Pity email.

Dear WHF,

Your cool.

I mean... Um... Uuuh. Why do you hang around with people like Cheerleader, So And So and The Ugly One? Are they, in actuality, your only friends!?


Whats Her Face: Umm.... Actually, they aren't even my friends. I'm more like 'The girl who hangs around with them to make them look good in comparison', than 'the girl who is their friend'. By the way, I am totally THRILLIFICATIFIED that you think that I am cool! I'm so glad, I won't even mention those gargling sounds from the begining of the email!

WHF: Sooooo Email!

Dear The one with baggy pants,

What was the 1936 version of you like and what will the 20X6 version be like?

WHF: The 1936 was different. She was black and white, and she had had long hair. The 20X6 version will be a ROBOTIFIEDAMATIC THING! Next email'd.

WHF: Cheerleader! So-and-So! Whats Her Face! The Email One!
Dear What's Her Face:
You should get on one of those makeover reality shows.

-William S.

Whats Her Face: Hmm... not a bad idea...
(Fades to WHF on a blank sheet of paper)
Strong Bad's Voice: Well, I'll see what I can do
(SB erases WHF, and draws Trogdor)
Strong Bad's Voice: PERFECT!
(Cuts back to WHF [now looking like Trogdor] at computer)
WHF: Wow! This is great. Thanks, Williams, both of you. No one has done ANYTHING mean to me, except tell a knight to slay me. I wonder why... Anyway, the only downside to this makeover is that, well, it's kind of hard to type with only one arm, and having it sticking out of my neck. Until later, THE DRAGON COMES IN THE NIIIIIIIIIGHT!

WHF: That's EMAIL!

Dear WHF,
I was wondering:
a)Why are named after a doll (see
b)Are you poor
and c) Are you and Thomas dating?
Joanne of TX

WHF: Well, Joanne of TX, I was wondering:
a)Why are you named after a state
b)Are you... uh... oh, I can't think of a sarcastic remark for this one
and c) Are you and JestersOfTheMoon dating?
When you answer these, I'll answer yours

  1. Why do you have lines for hair?
  2. Why was Cheerleader the only one killed in TGS5?

WHF: Hmm... I wonder why someone left a list on my computer.
So and So: Whats Her Feces! I can't find my shopping list anywhere! I had emailed it to The Ugly One, but she never got the email. Do you know where it is?
WHF: Yeah, I think that I got it. It would be easy our emails mixed up, seeing as mine is, and hers is
So and So: Thanks! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't remember to buy that quart of why was Cheerleader the only one killed in TGS5.
WHF: You're welcome.

Not so Dear What's Her Face,

Howw are you friends with someone popular like Cheerleader?

With crap,

WHF: Wow! I got an email from the dinsey movie, 101 Dalmaces! And they sent an example of human poop along with it! They even spell-checked words like "how"!!! I'm so happy, i'm even going to type in my favorite word! "DELETED"!
Screen flashes "Delet'd"
WHF: Hey! What happenned to my email? Oh, well...

Whats Her Face e-mails are answered by Lord Karkon.