Dearest Strong Bad,
You are the greatest guy ever!!!! You are so awesome! I am so obsessed with you! How did you get so awesome?
da princess Strong Bad: da princess? Da Princess of what?

Strong Bad: Another one of my lady fans! Sure I'll tell you, princess. It all started one day when I was taking a stroll on a piece of paper. Then I made fun, ER made mincemeat of Homestar. Since then, the ladies keep flockin' to me. Until next time, I'm more awesome than you!

Dear Strong Bad,
It was so nice of you to answer my question even though you've got so many other emails. What are your other favourite phrases besides holy crap?
PrincessofStrongBadia (Yeah, that's what I'm princess of! If it's OK with you, that is. ^_^)

Strong Bad: Oh, sometimes I like to say "crazy-go-nuts" or "awesome". And this one time, I was talking to Coach Z, and he said that crazy-go-nuts didn't make sence, and I told him "sock it in the mouth!". Man, I gotta use that one more often.

Dear Strong Bad,
You should have one of your lady friends answer your emails.

--William S.

Strong Bad: Oh, I'd love to do that Williams, but they're all out of town on a cruise. Yeah.

Dear Strong Bad,
where are your ears? Jack Selby

Strong Bad: I have ears, they're just too small for you to see.

OK, this is REALLY stupid! Strong Bad already answers e-mails on H*!
Yes, but does he answer EVERYONE'S emails? I won't delete a single one here.
Dear Strongbad,

What is the meaning of life?

Your fan, M.J

Strong Bad: Oh, I know exactly what to do with this one... DELETED! (Bzzt!)

Strong Bad: E plus mail equals email.

Dear Strong Bad,

Do you remember when you and Strong Mad wrestled Homestar and PomPom? I think you shouldn't have been standing right where Homestar was, then you would have won.



Strong Bad: Dear Super Idiot,

Do you remember when you sent me that stupid email? I think you shouldn't have sent it to me, the your email wouldn't be deleted. DELETED!
{The email doesn't disappear}
Homestar: I've come to collect my syrup!
Strong Bad: Your what?
Homestar: My syrup. I put it under your delete key.
Strong Bad: So- Wha- Gr-
{Strong Bad ends up chasing Homestar, like at the end of little animal}

Dear Strong Bad,
My pie is bound to cry. Apples are falling on my bed! You are not a person! Tarzan and Batman sitting in a tree. No soup for you!

Strong Bad,
You always talk about the ladies, but where are they? Do you like have a long distance relationship with someone? When did you last go on a date anyways?
Looooooooove, A hot girl who would love to be yours