Marshie: E-mail is fluffy and e-mail is puffy...

Dear Marshie,
Why are you obsessed with marshmallows? And why do you have a bite out of your head? Are you crazy?

Marshmallows are wonderful! They're GOOD! The bite in my head comes from an accident I had with a... PUSHABLE LAWNMOWER! WEEEEEEE! (He flies around, does loops, and goes back to his compy.) For your last question, no, I'm not crazy, because that means insane... AND THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT!

Dear Marshie,

Why does everyone think you're gay? And why does everyone think you do bad stuff to children? I still believe in you!


Marshie: Well, that's nice to know, myfan01293f. The one who does bad things to children isn't me... no WAY!!! I'm the one who treats them to Fluffy Puffs. Well, gotta go door-to-door!

I think you're gay. And you do bad stuff to children. I hate you.

Marshie: Well, dig up some proof, and I'll be happy to... LET YOU BE A MASHMALLOW MASCOT!

(He goes that way.)

what would you be like as an action figure?

Marshie: Well that would require thought... something I'm entirely capable of doing! Lets see... I'd have super orange-and-black-color-changing action! Tastes the same, but looks different! Now, what else? Oh, yes, toenail coughing action! And in the end, if you get bored with me, JUST EAT ME!

Dear Marshy,
How do you type with no arms? and how do you stand with no feet?

Marshie: Well, Mr. Censored, it all started a long time ago when I went to the moon and met the great apothecary, Mr. Shmallow!
(flashback, Marshie and Mr. Shmallow are on the moon)
Mr. Shmallow: and once you eat 143 Air Puffed Sugar Delights, you'll be able to pick thing up without arms and be granted the ability to float around in the air!
Marshie: no WAY! (blasts him with Orange And Blacks)
(back to the compy)
Marshie: So you see, I can fly and type with... PUFFY POWER!

Marshie: E-mail is not a key ingredient in Fluffy Puffs...

Can I have some of your malloween marshmallows? What are you thinking of naming the decemberween marshmallows, and what's the commercial for them going to be like?

Marshie: Well, person with no name, Malloween marshmallows were a limited time offer. Next time you want some, GO TO THE STOOOOOOORE!
(He flies around the moon)
Marshie: Hmm, about those Decemberween marshmallows... How about DECEMBERMALLOWEENS?!?! IT'S A GOOOOD TITLE!
(he flies around the moon again)
Marshie: Well,the commercial will have me in it, and maybe that other guy too. But is he gonna be the star? NO WAY!!!
(Flies into the sun)

Marshie: Don'tcha like E-mail?!?

Yo Marshie,
How can you fly? I mean, you're a freakin marshmallow.
Jack Selby

Marshie: I may be a freakin' marshmallow, but I'm magic! An accordion was used to fill me with air, so now I'm light as, say, a stuffed gerbil! What more could you want!!! But did you even TRY to think of that? NO! Leave me alone!

Dear Marshie,
Are you at all afraid that homestar will take your place and be better than you?

Marshie: Why! What a weird and hyper question to ask a marshmallow! Almost, but not limited to, the Cheat Commandoes Toys, Figures, and Playsets! My future is secure, but that Homestar is a grasshopper on spaceshuttle going at 65 miles per hour!

(He flies off at 65 miles per hour.)

Marshie: So, when in doubt, buy a Ser-G-Geant Marshie for $11.01! Free Fluffy Puffs with each action figure included!

(He disappears. Homestar walks in and reads what's on the screen.)

Homestar: That mawshmellow isn't so secuw. I saw him on a space shuttle going 50 miles puw hour. Didn't last mow then one second. Fweakin' liew.

Marshie: Lalalalala, EMAIL!

Dear Huge flying Marshmellow thingie,
I've heard you brag and boast about how you could write a song called "Stack them to the heavens", and yet you haven't actually done anything about it. All of your fans would really like to hear you sing it, so could you please do so?
your fan,
-Strong Lad

Marshie: Allow me to pick this one apart, Lad. You misspell marshmAllow, Then you CLAIM that you know every single one of my fans would like me to write... a song! Okay, I'll give it a try.

"Stack 'em To the Heavens"
by Marshie

I've got some marshmallows
They're orange and black
How will I stack 'em?
It's knowledge that I lack

I could stack 'em in a shape
Like six pencils, or seven!
Yes, I'll do that, and stack 'em to the heavens!

Stack 'em to the heavens
Stack 'em to the heavens
I could write a song about stackin' 'em to the heavens!

Now that they are stacked
I'll have to eat them all
So come on down to my place
And help me eat 'em all!

Marshie: So, what do you think? It took some difficulty to write, but I'm a marshman! Next time, ask that freakin' Cheat to write a song. He writes the beeeest stuuuuuff!

[The Paper]
Easter Egg: Click on Cheat to see Marshie change from white to yellow with black spots.

Marshie: Time for another FREAKIN' EMAIL!!!

Deaw Mawshie,

Can I have some fluffy puff mawshmallows. Before I dwink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about 147 fluffy puff mawshmallows. I hate that fweakin mawshmallow

Not Homestaw, Sewiously Marzipan wants me, bye

Marshie: Oh my gourds! A fan! Who hates me! And can't type at all, but anyways, here's a blastfull of marshmallows!
(Sticks mashmallows in his computer and clicks send)

Marshie: Come to my house, all who want marshmallows!

[The Paper]