1 - coaching
2 - wasps
3 - girl
4 - fade
5 - rapping contest
6 - interesting emails

Coach Z:Ah, emorl!

Dear Coach Z,
Do you ever coach Strong Bad? If so, what's he like at practice?

Oh, yeah, that Strong Bad. I corch him. And believe me, you wouldn't believe how he acts at practice. He's the best one with the ball! Problem is, all we usually get is Homsar, Strong Bad, and the Chort. The rest only come for the games. Yep, if you really wanna see his preformance, you'll have to wait for our Z-ball game. And you're pretty lucky-it's just about to start! cut to The Field
Coach Z: And Strong Bad has the ball, and he makes it to the goal! cut back to Coach Z's office
Coach Z: So, yep, he's a great player. shadows in back show Strong Bad lying down while people trample over him

Dear Coach Z
If you coached Homestar Runner, Can you give me some advice on how to become a better Runner?

Coach Z: Well, Oron, I have a simple step-by-step process. First, coat your legs with relish. Don't let the King see ya. Next, tell your legs to move faster. Finally, get a friend to vaccum the relish off. That worked for Homestar. But, ah, I don't think that was the treatment.
{Cut to Homestar}
Coach Z: Hey, Homestar!
Homestar: Z Coach, what is it? Does it have to do with those wasps here that attack relish?
Coach Z: No. Not at all.
{Later, Coach Z is setting a trap}
Coach Z: I can finally be a good coach with the right... insparation... Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Marzipan: Stop! Evil police!
Coach Z: Ah...
{Coach Z wakes up}

Yo Coach!

You should go get a girl, I mean, you've been single for like forever.


Coach Z: Get a girl? But the only girl is Marzipan and there's enough people hounding her! I'll have to leave Anytown, USA if I want to meet a girl...
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Dear Coach Z,

Can I fade you?


Coach Z: No!

Coach Z,
I'm a thousand times better than you are, I can run faster, jump higher, a fight... fightier.
I once stopped a missle with my face, then ate a can of flaming barbed wire.
Everybody wishes they were me, I'm that cool.
I bet you wish you were me, I can say 'job'.
I am so cool, so cool.
P.S. I can rap better than you too.
Coach Z: This is my new rap:
I'm gonna be on Survior!
I'm gonna be cooler than a skydiver!
I'm gonna do a great jorb!
I'm gonna turn the door knorb!
Well, it's the first part. But make sure you watch "Homestar Survior" for the second part.

Dear The Coach,

Is your skin green or do you wear a green bodysuit with Sockies and footies?

-Delt eated.

Coach Z: That's a very interesting question! I mean, that one time I was asked I could be faded can't even compare to this!
{Bubs walks in}
Bubs: Whazzat?
Coach Z: It's just my email. Someone actually asked me about my style!
Bubs: Did you eat those moldy cupcakes again?
Coach Z: The only other thing was a blue sock and a key to some guy's trunk!
Bubs: Yeah, sure.
Coach Z: Next email!
Hey The Coach-
What's up? How do you type in a body suit? And where are you from?
da cheated
Coach Z: Wow! Another incredibly interesting question!
{Screen cuts to show Bubs talking to Strong Bad and Mad, Homestar, and PomPom}
Coach Z: Ya know, I might wallpaper my room with these questions...
{Everyone's spying on Coach Z}
Coach Z: Sockies and footies would go here, and body suit would go here...

Application To become Assistant

Name-Assistant V
Home Town- The Isle of Pom
Reason to Become Assistant- All the ladies are all up ons me! I lead the Island of Pom to Florbball Victory. Also, I got a Boston accent and rap!

Coach Z:(typing) Well,well,wherl, let me see:
Coach Z:(reading) Assistant V, perfict name. Like mirne. Mayel, Like me toor. Aha, the Orle orve Porme, brilliant assistants there. Finally, good social lorfe, leading Florborll to victory, and Borstorn arccent.
Coach Z:(typing) You would bee an excerllent addition to my raps. Problem is, I don't know where you live, so it can never bee. Oh well!

Dear Mr. Z,
Do ya know how to swim? If you do, what do you wear when you swim? *Shivers at the thought*
That lady that sent an email to homestar :p