Dear Sir Strong Bad STOP
I wish to stop the batthling Questions that come from the commoners and ask you yourself to explain your death, and your escape from Death at the hands of the "Cliff" STOP
Lord Aaron Van Hunton

Sir Strong Bad: The Devil din't need me in hell!STOP So he erased all instances!STOP We'll have a duel!STOP It's curtains for you! STOP

To Sir Strong Bad: STOP

Why do you wear men's sporting gloves? STOP

Thankyou, STOP
Miss Pomx2 STOP

They prevent finger prints! STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad do you enloy reasing

What the crap does that mean! STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad, STOP
have you heard of this new "e-mail"? STOP
people say it will replace the Telegramaphone. STOP
Do you think this is possible? STOP
-Sir Kupo (MoogleMaster?) STOP

I cant see how anything can top the telegramaphone. STOP
I'll believe it when I see it. STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad! STOP
Why is the 1930's in grayscale? STOP
I thought only the movies were in grayscale? STOP
-Austin, TX STOP

Duh, you buffoon! STOP
Back in the day the world was gray! STOP
And it would also have that weird line following us around! Stop

I thought you had gentlemen's sport for hands, instead of wearing them? STOP And if the 1930's are in grayscale, then why wasn't BC in grayscale? STOP

1930's was during the great depression. Stop
No one could efford color. Stop
The great depression was not in BC. STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad STOP
I'm sorry you died STOP
But I'm glad you came back STOP
So I could ask you this STOP
Is present-day Strong Bad your son STOP
Sincerely STOP
The Princess of the Kingdom of StrongBadia

He is my great great grandson STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad STOP
I possess great affections for you STOP
fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf STOP

Look, mabey I could like you, execpt for your freakin' long name. Stop
I mean, I could have drawn a picture of a guy, holding a big cheese slicer. STOP
As a matter of fact STOP
I think Ill do that now STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad STOP
Do you have an automobile STOP
And if so, how fast do you drive it STOP
- RaisedByACupOfCoffee

Why, yes...stop
It is the brand new FORD stop
I go fast!!!stop

Dear Sir Strong Bad STOP
What does it mean to give someone what-for STOP
Sincerely STOP
Queen Of Town STOP

Dear Sir Strong Bad,
I come from the distant future, 2004 to be exact, where the telegramaphone has been replaced by email. It is mail sent through the internet, which is a program on the computer, which can be used for many things.
See you in Hell,
Lord Pikachon.
PS:There are no flying cars.