1. Spare thyme
  2. Really depressing storm
  3. No arms
  4. The future you... NOT!!
  5. N co hair ant
  6. The Homestar-Runner
  7. 20X6! 1936!

Dear The Homestar Runner STOP
What do you like to do in your spare time STOP
Sincerely STOP
Yaanu STOP

The Homestar Runner: I like to take long walks by the shore. STOP I also enjoy playing for the Washboard Orchestra. STOP

Dear The Homestar Runner STOP
What was the storm of '28 like STOP
liato STOP

THR: The big storm of '28 happened 8 years ago. STOP It was very terrible. STOP The rain made it hard to see. STOP My dog drowned in a deep, deep puddle. STOP

Dear The Homestar Runner STOP
How can you manage the telegramaphone wilst having an absence of arms STOP

THR: Oh, go soak your fat head. STOP

Dear the homestar runner do you know homestar runner signed Crap


Y do U think pEpl dont try to shortN their tLegraph mSeges wN thA pA by the letR STOP


Are you planning to put a dash between homestar and runner STOP


THR: If I was going to save someone, I would. STOP But since there is no danger, no, I'm not. STOP

THE STRONG BAD: Aha! I have your girlfriend, Marzipan!

THR: Strong Bad!

1936 MARZIPAN: Save me!

THR: I'll put a dash between Homestar and Runner.

1936 MARZIPAN: Really?

THR: No.

<1936 Marzi gets mad.>

TSB: We'll have a duel! <The Sneak comes up and moves its nose up and down.> What? The Sneak! Of course I remember what happened last time! But this time there will be no cliffs in sight!

<Cut to another place in THR's house, they are facing away from each other holding a gun, like in Parsnips-A-Plenty>

TSB: Ten paces, turn & fire!

THR: What?


<TSB falls off of a cliff>

THR & MRZ: Yay!

THR: Now I'll do a dance. <Does that dance>

Dear The Homestar Runner STOP
I have heard word that you are friends with a scoundrel whose moniker is Stinkoman STOP Please tell me how that friendship is going down STOP
From The Right Honourable Sergeant-Major Sir Archduke Bantonweight Boxing Champion Lord Strong Lad ESQ. of the Royal England(e) corps.

THR: Yessir. STOP Yessir I am. STOP The friendship? Stop What is that? Stop A ship only friends go on? Stop

What?! THR knows what a friendship is! It's not like people from 1936 never had friends!