That's me, OR. I got into Homestar Runner when I was on some forum and a guy had a link to two SB emails in his sig. I clicked and have been with it since around the time of the couch patch email, which is when I first went.

My name is the name I used on the first forum I joined on the internet. I use it almost everywhere I go.

Hey. It's me. The BOSS of the other emails. OK, just kidding, but welcome to the Wiki! If you don't like comments, feel free to delete this. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Hey, welome to the wiki! I was just wondering, did you happen to get the "Raiden" part of your name from Mortal Kombat?- SBZ22

Nope, got it from MGS. Comments are fine with me, but I'll probly remove some if it got really full

What does MGS stand for?- SBZ22

Metal Gear Solid

oh man that is one heck of a well made series. i think i have metal gear still for nes!! -- Clever Dan

OK, I just sent Strong Bad an email, hoping it gets up.


Dear Strong Bad, what do you think would happen if everyone switched bodies, like Bubs had Homsars body, and stuff like that. Also, who is Homeschool Winner?

Sincerly (Misspelled it on purpose)

Ollie W.

[i]attatchment: none, so don't get your hopes up on there being one[/i]

note: the [i] and [/i] are italics if that didn't work.