Email me because i want to be the guy too.

I think he fixed it. -Crap

Get in character or pack your bags. - I wonder who

Did you have a cold after Stinkoman ate was stickly man was shoveling? Did anyone catch it?

20X6: Hey kid, first of all, where's your name, also, make sense. But yeah, I had Kaddbhvmvmvfgitus, so i was pretty sick. Oh, and stinkly man, he's my dowg. AAACCHHHUUU. Goblessme.

Hey loser, why do you wanna be the guy? What's so great about the guy? -Stevebad

20X6: Well..... If Stinkman's the guy then, umm actually im not sure.

Dear Homestar from 20x6,
Why is your mouth visible only when it opens?

20X6 Homstar- Its because i constantly have food in my mouth cause I have to chew!

Stinkoman- What are you talking about, its just a japanese style. You're a LameO?.

20X6- Alright, an upgrade.

Stinkoman- Lat time a called you Wierdo, and thats equal, now im gonna call you Dumboface.

Dear 20X6 Homestar,

Do you have any attacks like Stinkoman's "DOUBLE DEUSE"?