I got to see the sweet doctor... doctor sweet!

Yo, wassup. I'm Ace101. I live in Katy, TX and it rocks there. I currently run the Marshie and Two Kids sections down at Other Character E-mail in WikiFanStuff, but they haven't gotten much lately. I'm the owner of a Strong Bad body shirt, Homestar's Star shirt, a The Cheat hoodie, and the Strong Bad Sings CD (see quote above). Along with that, a coaster, a Strongbadia keychain, and a Homestar keychain. I turned M'fox on to the Wiki, I know him from school. Go email the Two Kids!

My favorite quotes per character:

Homestar Runner: "That was a fake turkey." (He pronounces it "Tookey".) From: Yello Dello w/ Commentary
Strong Bad: "Some people are about to be run over. Frankie has about 5 seconds." from StrongBadEmail/kids' book It was a close tie with: "I like-a to say, a-holy crap!" from StrongBadEmail/personal favorites
Coach Z: "Just gimme a chance to do a Hip-Hop dance!" From Powered by The Cheat
Bubs: "Nope. I'm fresh outta Cheats." From Where's the Cheat?
Marzipan: "And I'm fiercely independent about the soy products that I choose." From her character page
Strong Mad: "I don't like this movie!!!" From his character page
Strong Sad: "I should go somewhere inconspicuous and act none the wiser." From StrongBadEmail/big white face
The Cheat: (translated from Cheat-Talk) "Now take that camera away before I throw this bust of Van Buren at it!" From his character page
The King of Town: "I earned my title the same way I earned a free combo meal by buying one of equal or lesser value." from his character page
PomPom: "Bubbley bubbley." From just about anywhere.
The Poopsmith:
Homsar: "I think I won the Powerball." From his character page.
Marshie: "Hide some in your pockets for SECRET EATING!" From Meet Marshie!
Stinko Man: "That name is dumb. It sounds like it's sooo dumb." From 20X6 vs. 1936
Best Cheatamation quote ever: "I can do it. I will do it nine times." from StrongBadEmail /crazy cartoon

Comments, like you have any: