I'm male.- SBZ22 (I created this page by the way. I was just curious.)

Not male, I have been mistaken for a male a few times. GET IT RIGHT!! - M.J

I'm male. -- Gemini

I'm a miss :) (meaning I'm female)~ Pomx2

Guess! -- DungeonGirl

Male! ~Yaanu~

Male. Another Fan

Mail!!! -Kupo

Male. Rainer

All man, baby. AgentSeethroo

Mans knexfreak

You've got mail! -Crap

I'm a whole lotta woman! -Dark Grapefruit

.elaM -Ace101

Grrl all the way o+ PrincessofStrongBadia

male -Lord Karkon

I am considered quite the male, where I come from -The Brothers E


Im all gurlie babay! unlike_dartarro_grrl21 yay!
~Arrohed Aria

I'm a modestly hot girl. heh. DeeDee

Male. Douglas (what did you expect)?

Male. --JoeyDay

boy-D-boy --wazup90210

Male --CE5

Male -- AlphaZodiac

Male - Heir_of_Lindeen

Male - Jweb Guru

I'm a dude - Fishie McGee

100% dude Clever Dan

Dude. - FireBird

I'm a guy. -JamesGecko

I am pure 100% boy. -Nelson339

Boys 100% all the way in the hizzouse. -DeLoreanz1

Male - This Land is your Land, this Land is my Land...

Hombre (mixing it up with some SPANISH!!!!!) -CheatCommando

not female - jiggaMAN

I'm a MALE! God, isn't it obvious -Da Bee

I'm a dude, he's a dude, you're a dude, we're all dudes! - Shopiom Dude

I'm obviously male, as you can tell from my name -- AwesomeGuy

Even though my name is Spencer, I'm a girl. (scary, isn't it?) --MelonadeLuvr

I'm a guy...Homesar Wannabe

Grl ~Ser-G-Gant Marshie

Dude, I'm a dude-Homestarball Z

I thought some of these people were different genders from what I thought. Kind of scary. -- FireBird

I'm a chick. DeeDee


I be a chick. - Shattered Alien

uh, read my username one more time, sounding out the first syllabl- kingofhomsaria

I'n a guye. Annd i wonse eight a hole pizza!? --Pikmin-fanatic-man

All Man.Stinkoman K

I am of the male gender. Enough said. *drinks Sprite Tropical Remix* BurninatorBoombox

Im not a guy therefore im a girl UnknownHzrd

Last time I checked, I was Male. Ingiald

I am a guy, and an unbelieveaboley (I probobley spelled that wrong) sexy guy at that. Jack Selby

Not a dude. FortyFour

Not a chick. (General Mayhem)

I'm a girl-type-thing! Piscez

I'm the weird...girl...thing. Look at my shmexyness x) Osiris-Kitty

"And this little weirdo would be a modestly hot girl..." --StrongCanada