Hi folks,

I decided to be DungeonGirl because it was a search for help with Thy Dungeonman II that led me here. (Thanks for the help!) I'd only played one or two other text-games when I was younger, but thought they were so cool, sort of like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. My favorite was a D&D game book about Raistlin, called The Soulforge. Raistlin fans, gotta read it, all about his test in the Tower of High Sorcery. Currently, I also play Runescape, and Terry Brooks' Shannara series is my favorite fantasy reading.

My husband's classmates introduced him to H*R via "The Interview" and he showed it to me. I thought it was just stupid. But I went back the next day and looked around more and got hooked. Very excited to find this site so I can see all the easter eggs and stuff I didn't find on my own. And yes, thanks, now I can win Thy Dungeonman II, although my highest score so far is only 76.

My meager contributions to the wiki:

Museum Added content and reformatted.
SketchBook Added content and reformatted.
Original Book Added content and reformatted.


-- PrincessofStrongBadia

I know, I know... shocking... but I don't think so anymore. It was just one of those first impression things. Try to imagine if that's the very first thing you saw on H*R and you had no clue about any of these characters... why is that thing's head like that... who are these people... what's the point... you know. I laugh now...
-- DungeonGirl

Yeah, my friend first showed me H*R via a direct URL to the strong bad email 'dragon', and I thought that Strong Bad was supposed to be something like a power ranger (I could only see his head).
-- Lord Karkon

You're right -- he does sort of look like a power ranger! lol.
-- DungeonGirl

Yeah, same thing happened to me when I first joined. My first cartoon was Marzipan's Answering Machine. Like the first call was from "Toilet patrol". That sorta freaked me out. My second toon was the Strong Bad Email "small animal." After watching more of the email and stuff, (this was back when a bunch of the site had small gross jokes, such as the jumping jack contest) I decided that the site was pretty weird and gross. Then, I discoved that many of the toons with gross jokes never got any worse (I had been stopping many of them midway through because I thought they would get worse). And then I discovered that many of the cartoons were actually funny. Then I discovered that Strong Bad Emails were updated every week and I've been going to the site regularly ever since.
-- JamesGecko
(p.s. This was before there was the new characters page, it just had this stupid yearbook thingy. The new characters page would have helped me so much when I first started watching the toons...)

Did you like Thy Dungeonman 2, and what was your score. Mine was 161.
-- Mysterious-Stranger

Yup -- I think both Thy Dungeonman games are pretty cool. It's fun to play a text adventure game that makes fun of text adventure games. My best score is still just 76. Oh, and I actually like the yearbook character page.
-- DungeonGirl

Do you have AIM or some screename where I can contact you from? - Homesar Wannabe
My screename is Shurekien!!!

When I was first told about it over the phone I thought it sounded weird but when I went in the first thing I saw was the halloween intro. When Strong Bad rose from the grave I thought that was really weird! - Da Bee


I used to play Runescape for about a month or so. I had I Lvl53 Character with full Addy and a R2H (the best weapon in the free version). Though I got most of the stuff for free.
-- Comanche

My character is about the same! Except I only have a rune long. At the moment I'm trying to save up for more rune gear and to level up for the dragon quest, the only free quest I haven't done yet.
-- DungeonGirl

The latest: the RS2 beta is now open to nonmembers -- the graphics are much more interesting and there's a lot more choices for all kinds of stuff. Check it out!
-- DungeonGirl

Oh, and now RS2 is the official version, although you can still play the old one, now called Runescape Classic.
-- DungeonGirl

Hey, how do you get past Percy the rat in Thy Dungeonman 2? I can't get past him.

You can't. You have to let him give you the plague (then eat the bread to keep from dying). If you haven't had that happen yet, you need to "read nametag" and then "ask Percy" -- if I remember right. More helpful hints in the Games section of the wiki.

What is your SN in Runescape? --Lord Karkon and his friend Kaz (Mine is chaosmew, his is abcdefghiu)

I don't want to write it here, but next time I'm on I'll add you and send you a message. :)
-- DungeonGirl


Mine's asparagus. What's yours?
-- DungeonGirl

-- FireBird

Broccoli! but with CHEEEEEESE!
-- AgentSeethroo

Pudding!!! I mean... umm... cucumber.
-- Lord Karkon

Mmmmmm... cucumber pudding... just kidding. Actually that might be sort of like raita (the stuff at Indian restaurants) or tziki (did I spell that right?), the sauce they put on gyros. And yeah, broccoli is good with cheese. I also like raw broccoli with spinach dip.
-- DungeonGirl

Corn. Especially sweet corn. --MelonadeLuvr

- Homesar Wannabe

I like peas and sweetcorn - Da Bee


Random "gettin' to know you" questions:

How tall are you?
-- AgentSeethroo

I am 5'4".
-- DungeonGirl

I am 5' 1"
-- Homesar Wannabe

Woo! 5'8" I feel tall
-- M.J

How about favorite H*R toons, songs, characters, etc? That seems to be the most popular way to tell about yourself.
-- Hagurumon

Hmmm... I love thing in a bag. I like the Halloween toons too. And Strong Bad Emails. And Thy Dungeonman! Strong Bad and Strong Sad are my favorite characters. And Trogdor! Songs? Well, the Trogdor song is pretty awesome. So is Strong Bad's guitar solo and techno tune. And Poot Slap or Boot Slap or whatever the actual title of that is. At least the short part that plays on Strong Bad's main page -- I listened to the whole thing once and the rest of it isn't that great.
-- DungeonGirl

Can you kill a man with your bare hands? I can! AgentSeethroo (NOTE: I really can't kill anyone...with anything...)

What do you think of the Gron Sad thing? - Da Bee