Yup. I'm Osiris. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a freaky name. I come from -le gasp- Japan. In America now. Yeah. o_o Um. What else? My favorite colour is purple and blue and chrome and black. I write things and draw things...yeah. I found Strong Bad's anime parody to be hilarious but kind of offensive since nobody likes anime and thinks it's retarded. But hey, that ain't my problem.

Lets see. How old am I again?

...I forget. 13 or so? People don't take me seriously even when I'm polite, so...I don't often say how old am I. I am. Am I. How did that go again?

If I was a Homestar Runner character I would be Homsar. Random and weird with no purpouse except to amuse. Um...hm. Anything else? Oh yeah, I play Neopets (username is kittygirl285) and I'm on Deviantart. You can find me all around the internet, so look for me in various places. I might be there.

I have a webcomic and hope to be a published-paid-for-actual-artist-that-isn't-starving. Right now I'm a starving artist. Kind of. Heh.

I make blinkies (that little animation of my name) in my spare time as a cure for boredom. I'm also a pixel artist, and if you give me a photograph that you think is fake, I'll take a look at it. So far I've uncovered a Hilary Duff fake photo. Hah! "This ain't airbrushed," my foot.

Woah, you're from Japan? I'm gonna go there to teach English after I finish school!
And don't worry, I don't think anime is retarded. In fact, I think it's AWESOME!
I just finished the second disc of Azumanga Daioh, and it was awesome.

Anyway, welcome to the wiki! I hope you'll be a big contributer!

What AgentSeethroo said. Please enjoy your stay here and remember to explore the area. Who knows what you might find? BTW, I would be Homsar, too. But I would be Homestar too.
"The Boombox Burninates Again!"--BurninatorBoombox

Thank you. I've done more stuff and pictures and such on the Awexome Cross page. Yup, yup...that's moi for ya.

Look at my shmexiness! Yeah, I draw a lot x)