Ey, this is Jeff.

I'm from Ann Arbor, MI
My email: ihavenoidea90210@aol.com
I discovered Homestar and the gang abouts a year ago. I found this site on Google, just like everyone else on here. (I guess we have very alluring Google results!) And yes, the rumors are true. I love sourdough bread. I am usually confused and disoriented (but not in equal amounts!), so if you IM me, than say that you're from the Wiki...
Gawd damn, I havn't been here in a while. Wow, you guys really spiffed it up! Like, wow. Awesome...

Well, I guess I havn't been here in a while. Wow, The site's grown so much since I was here. However, I think it has come to that time where I have done all I can. You can see my final update at Decemberween in July, but I'm afraid I, like all the other greats of this site, am going to pull an Aria. Yes, my guess is...after this...I might pop up once or twice...but after that, you'll never hear from me again. [Props to anyone who knows that quote]

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Wow, I was the 11th person to join this site...

Mr. Nimoy, would you be interested in buying a stapler?

Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball...

Please go to [The HomestarRunner Fan Site]

Marshie will forever haunt me in my dreams...


Feel free to post down here...if you dare!

Quotin' Pinball Wizard, nice.

Yup, great song. But I'm not really a big fan of The Who. Nirvana is good, though.
- Guess Who.

What's up, wazup90210! I found H*R.com from JasonCrystal.com... not Google.com. Visit my... account thingy. It's GoombaKing. - (GoombaKing))

And did you know about the Homestar Runner DVD coming out in probably the 1st half of 2004!? It's cool. I can't wait and even though I don't know you I just wanted to post this. - (GoombaKing))

This man obviously really likes sourdough bread. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Yes, I do. It is most delicious. Mmmm....sourdough bread....

Well that brought this discusion to a screeching halt. My focus is all crocused. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Yes, it's so sad when that happens, isn't it? Oh well...

Do you know Chris? The guy who sent in the E-mail in StrongBadEmail/the bet? -CE5

LMAO Nope, but good question. If I had his last name, I could probably find him.

If anyone here is from Ann Arbor...or Michigan...or even the midwest in general, please post a comment after the beep...

I'm from St. Louis, Mo. Alright! I'm the first person to post something in this collom that isn't you!! Go Cardinals!!--bkmlb

Whoa, St. Louis is barely in the midwest. One half of it is and one half isn't. So, you'd better check what side of the river you live on. Or what state you live on. Ha, thanks for posting.

Do you know someone called James McConville?- SBZ22

No, but I'm asuming he lives in A2?

You shouldn't do marijuanna... marijuanna's bad, m'kay? =) -TheBigKnife

Finally, someone who knows how to spell "m'kay". And knows how to spell marijuanna! Wow, I think this is a lesson for us all.

Before TheBigKnife's lesson, I could never spell marijuanna. Now my life is changed all because I know how to spell the word marijuanna.:p. Kinda reminds me of the word hallelujah. I could never spell that word either. I thank the CLHS spelling bee. Thanks to you, I shall never spell the word proclamation wrong ever again. I'd also like to thank the 6th grade spelling bee at TCS, now I'll never spell the word diagnosis wrong ever again. -Arrohed Aria

I dunno what A2 is, but he lives in Ann Arbor.- SBZ22

I'm pretty sure A2 is Ann Arbor. -Arro

Yes, A2 is Ann Arbor in Ann Arbor slang...Actually, it can be either A-Squared or A2, it doesn't matter... The coolest sounding one is Ace-Deuce, though.


Your name is so cool! But people always question my name... Homesar Wannabe I wonder why.. Hmm.. ;(