I don't really contribute anything particularly useful here. I stick to fixing any spelling or usage errors I happen to notice. Pardon my pedantry.

I draw stuff and operate a weird doll website (currently down for renovation.) That's about it. My favorite H*R characters are Homestar, Strong Sad, Bubs and Homsar, not necessarily in that order. I also have a fondness for the Poopsmith.

Art junk here.


Um...Welcome. What. Do. You. Mean. Doll. Website? That kind of freaks me out... Oh. Bye. - CE1
  • Customizing dolls is one of my hobbies. I have a website about it. Thanks for the welcome? --FortyFour

Uh-oh! Tom's not here on the wiki! We have to act as a team, me and you against pool-whatever! Me and you have to protect the wiki! - It's go-time!
  • What the.. uh, sure, as soon as I stop cracking up. I really have no clue how to respond to this. --FortyFour
  • Whoops. False alarm, general. I mean, Mr. Anderson. I mean Forty-Four. There was a troll! - CE1