Hi I'm M.J and I love Homestar Runner. I've got T-shirts and the Strongbad CD. If anyone needs to find out how to play any of the songs ask me. I play the piano, and taught myself most of the songs on there. This wiki site is really good. I have a HUGE obsession with Homestar Runner. Homestar is my favourite character by far, and Matt Chapman is the BEST! I am totally in love with Homestar Runner and TBC.

Here's a bit about me:

Name: M.J
Age: 15
Fav color: Black and red
Fav CD: Strongbad Sings CD

Hobbies: Playing the piano (been playing for 12 years),
making websites, skating and eating.

Best T.V. show: THE SIMPSONS
Best Website: HOMESTAR RUNNER!!!

Fav Bands: LIMOZEEN! Ramones, NOFX, OFFSPRING, Evanescence and uhh, ...line...backer..
you know, music at its finest.

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is currently the work I am very proud of doing.

...Uh did I just say doing? well I still spelled it the same....
     ."".    ."",
     |  |   /  /
     |  |  /  /
     |  | /  /
     |  |/  ;-._ 
     }  ` _/  / ;
     |  /` ) /  /
     | /  /_/\_/\
     |/  /      |
     (  ' \ '-  |
      \    `.  /
       |      |
   jgs |      |

WOOOOO! I am so exited! My Auntie is gonna get the me following:
Strongbad Hoodie
Limozeen T-shirt
Figurines set 1
Homestar Beanie
Homestar Running T-shirt

That comes to a total of $100.00 and I gotta pay for most of it. Which would be good if I was an American but NOOOOoooo I'm Australian aren't I? I gotta pay about $200.00 Australian!!! Oh well, it is DEFINATELY worth the trouble. I already have the Strongbad CD, Homestar T-shirt and Black Trogdor T-shirt.
Yeah. The End. - The Glaven President