That is a cool picture of mine. I enjoy it.


That's my new hair cut. You love it.

So, a few things about me: I'm twenty, I live in Iowa. And I have been in love with homestar and his friends for about...oh fifteen minutes. Actually it's going on at least two years now. It's amazing to see the site develop. Homestar is my favorite character. Yes, I love Strong bad as well...and really, the rest of the cast too. But there's something about Homestar. He has a certain charm, and I love it. It's definitely been awhile since I've been around the wiki, but I hope to become a more involved member. Recently, I've developed a relatively high-paced social life, so I'm not around as much as I'd like to be anymore. If any of you would like to contact me for chatting about homestar, or anything else - my AIM is MelodicLyrics. Just let me know who you are on the Wiki when you message me, and tell me a little about yourself! Okay kids, I'm done rambling. Leave me some comments. about stuff.

um...well, anyway! :)

(Is it kosher to post to other people's userpages? Someone drop a Heavy Lourde on me if it's not.)

Hey, DeeDee, I'm also from Iowa. Whereabouts are you at?

-- InterruptorJones

yeah it's okay if you're asking them questions and such.

I'm from Iowa City. :)

It's a small world. I'm at Cornell in Mt. Vernon. Do you go to UofI or are you a townie? Drop me a line on AIM sometime: {BALEETED!}.
-- InterruptorJones

Herm...how do you get yer pic to go on here? I want mine on my page dangit!!! AgentSeethroo

all you do is put in the address of the image. no tags or anything :) just the http:// addy of it.

Herm...all my photos are in yahoo photos...and I can't sign in!!! *cries uncontrollably* AgentSeethroo

Hey, you're quite the cutie yourself :) Do you have AIM? My screenname is {BALEETED!}. -- Gemini

Nice new pic, DeeDee! :D You're cute. -- Gemini

Let the epimping begin... :D -Stu

e-pimpin'. nice. - AgentSeethroo

Hey I dig the hair. I'm not hittin' on you. I'm just sayin...

LOL. It's cool. I don't take compliments too seriously. :) -- DeeDee