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The following is shameless advertisment

Hey kids! Be sure to tune in weekdays at 4:30 for another exciting Cheat Commando adventure. Tomorrow, Blue Lazor will try to cover the worlds continents in molten rock! Good thing the Cheat Commandos are on the job! But can they stop the forces of Blue Lazor? Yes!
I mean... tune in and find out!

Sorry you had to read that... but I need the advertising money... gotta support myself somehow!;)
Anyhow, I'm from the very flat midwest and I reassure you, they do not talk like Coach Z. I have no idea what that accent is. Probably a mix of different accents...
I used to have a very special lady who loved me so much, but she had to go to another planet for reasons too complex to elaborate on... I'll probably never see her again. And neither will any of you.
I'm still waiting for that check from Cheap as Free Toys. I mean I gave them my e-mail address and phone number and home address, but they haven't even gotten back to me. All I've gotten are weekly spamvertisements. Who knew a little cup of ketchup could do so much!

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