Hello, fellow wikiusers-What am I saying wassup wikiusers. As you know my wikiuser name is LimoZeener my real name though is Andrew Garcia.
I'm kinda new with this wikiuser thing but I've known H*R for a long time. I'm also good exfriends with SBZ22.I got this user name from the e-mail monster truck. My favorite charecter is non other than Strong Bad! My favorite sbe-mail would have to be personal favorites. Post all comments here NOW!-LimoZeener P.S. I am now dead ( just kidding but pretend I am dead) because of Brendan's zoimbie which means I will never check my wiki.-LimoZeener P.P.S. I came back from the dead!-LimoZeener

Hey Andy.- SBZ22

My favourite is Strong Bad too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello SBZ22-LimoZeener

So PrincessofStrongBadia Strong Bad is your favourite. Whats your favorite sbe-mail?- Limozeener

Trogdor! -PrincessofStrongBadia

Fhqwhgads- SBZ22

I say come on fhgwhgads, I say come on fhgwhgads!-LimoZeener

Everybody to the limit, The Cheat is to the limit...- Jesters

Everybody come on fhgwhgads!-LimoZeener

Fahorglingrads! - Heir_of_Lindeen

I thought I told you to leave like an hour ago, Heir_of_Lindeen- SBZ22

Not according to the document history you didn't - Heir_of_Lindeen

Smart-aleck- SBZ22

What? Did someone say my name? - Heir_of_Lindeen

Your name Aleck?- SBZ22

No it's Heir_of_Lindeen SBZ22-LimoZeener

Hey has anybody noticed that PrincessofStrongBadia didn't answer my question yet. Wonder why?-LimoZeener

Forget it guys she did.-LimoZeener

One more thing guys. Remember when I said personalfavorites was my favorite e-mail, well you can just look up but anyway I lied the 100th e-mail flash back is. If you haven't seen it go to homestarrunner.com now and look at it.-LimoZeener

Actaully my name is Alex which is pretty close to aleck. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Oh. SBZ22

That and I get called a smart aleck a lot. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Seems pretty unfair.- SBZ22

Yeah it really does.-LimoZeener

Well I usaully deserve it. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Awwwwwww don't be so hard on yourself. (Hey SBZ22 get me the red ants he's wide open for an attack!)-LimoZeener

Got a whole jar full.- SBZ22

You know what let's use it on Strong Sad.-LimoZeener

Only one problem, LimoZeener. Where are we gonna find a Strong Sad.- SBZ22
I don't know. You tell me.-LimoZeener

Why don't you just go just go jump into your computer. Christian is over here right now and he said hi.- SBZ22

Tell him I said he's a bum.-LimoZeener

Okay, I did. He said you are a Bum Under Management...and you run like Sonic.-SBZ22

Tell him that shirt stands for Boy U Mark. And tell him I said thanks for the comment that I run like Sonic.-LimoZeener

He said yoooooo.... and he never said anything about the fact that you run like Sonic is a compliment.- SBZ22

Well I think it is a compliment because Sonic is cool.-LimoZeener

That's a shame. He was just making you a card and going to send you a hundred dollars... --Upsilon

Well, I could always take it away from him.-LimoZeener

Hey i can be depressing, I'll be strong sad (although he's only my 4th favorite character, and I like sending people money $$$$$$$) hehehomestar

Strong Sad is your 4th favorite character. He's not in my list for any favorite character.-LimoZeener


Shutup whiny pants!-LimoZeener

I was talking about Strong Sad, stupid.-SBZ22

I said shutup whinypants-LimoZeener

Thats not an improvement!! - hehehomestar

I am NOT going to shut up, Andy. You really need to improve your manner towards other people.- SBZ22
Fine. How are you sir SBZ22?-LimoZeener

Very well, thank you. Although, I would like a spot of tea.- SBZ22

Must resist bad manners...GET YOUR OWN CUP OF TEA WHINEYPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!-LimoZeener

Fine. I'll just go to the coffee shop down the street.- SBZ22

Don't go there that place sells mud. Remember you can never trust starbucks.-LimoZeener

I'll go to the bagel store.- SBZ22

Go to bubs, he has flamethrowers that sell chocolate hundred dollars bill (imitation chocolate) hehehomestar

I wouldn't mind a flame thrower. - DarkLordNache

Yeah.....drinking fire would be very clever and astoundingly smart.... (hint of sarcasm)- SBZ22

Yeah but I've seen you do that before.-LimoZeener

My throat is still scorched...- SBZ22

Andy Warhol, I'va gotta questiona. Is StrongBadZone22's real name "Brenden Owens"? --Lord Karkon


I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE GOT HIS LAST NAME RIGHT! Now for his middle name...P.S. My name is Andy Garcia.-LimoZeener

I hate you.- SBZ22

I have come back from the dead to say that's mest up... hey I'M ALIVE!!!-LimoZeener

Congratulations.- SBZ22

I know your real name, LimoZeener, but Andy Warhol was a famous artist. I enjoy calling people weird things related to their names. Andrew Curry = Currythemew, Ben Pyle = Pile of Ben, Jamie Harding = Jamie's Got a Gun, Joey Bishop = Cantebury/The Bishop.... --Lord Karkon

Oh well thank you... I think.-LimoZeener

I don't mean to be anal here, but I am only going to delete that page one more time. More: I was just reading your comments on SBZ22's user space, and it seems that I am not the only one who is having trouble with your posts. While this is a wiki and you can post just about whatever you want, there are still rules that you need to follow (unwritten, as well as written, a simple google search for wiki etiquette will give you plenty of information on what is acceptable.) -Stu

The bickering ends here. If you want to continue take it somewhere else. If anyone (and I mean anyone) brings the argument back, their ip will be blocked. -Stu

Last warning guys.

I'm agreeing with Stu I just said I will stop.-LimoZeener