Hey Every Peoples! I'm MelonadeLuvr. My favorite characters on H*R are Homsar,
The Cheat, Homestar, and Strong Sad. (I really only like him out of pity, though.And cuz he's smart and writes poetry like I do.)Oh, and PomPom, 2. He rox. Marzipan's okay, but even though I like her cuz she's a girl like me, she gets kinda weird. Like in "Where's The Cheat?" and she thought that "Homestar Jr." (a.k.a. a sandwich) could talk. Anywho, I M kinda new here. I just found out how 2 edit pages. I don't know how 2 make text bigger, so if anybody knows how, then please post the instructions on my page.I don't know any good pics, so if any of U guys visiting my page know how to do pics, feel free 2 put as many pics that have anything 2 do w/ H*R, then feel free 2 post it in the provided space below.

homestarrunner.jpg I just found this pic on google image search and I searched for Homestar Runner. --MelonadeLuvr

homestar3.jpg This pic is kinda weird, but I like it. Again, I found it on Google Image Search.

hsdance.gif hehehehe! That is one of my favorite toons. :)

Anyways, as long as U don't use bad words or nottin' like dat, cuz my parents read it (no, really, they do!) U can post on my page 'til your hearts content. If any of U guys reading my page like Homsar, then I found out how 2 make a Homsar smiley like this. d:0 Well, it looks kinda like him. And, thanx 2 PrincessOfStrongBadia, I know how 2 make an SB smiley. (>:o) Cool! [ :] That kinda looks like the Grape Nuts robot. Does anybody else know any H*R smileys? If so, pleeeeeeeease show me. Hope U peoples like my page!!!!!!

If you want more H*R character smileys, click here. They're not that good, but, um..yeah... -But, um..yeah...Shopiom


Please refrain from using internet shorthand. But welcome to the wiki! -- JestersOfTheMoon
Help! I'm boxed!On both sides, too
Don't tell me... TWO ROWS?
Get a direct image. Flash won't work. I gotcha Homestar.
-- JestersOfTheMoon
How do you make the slash-type-things that make up the box? --MelonadeLuvr
Do you see the backslash key? Press shift while holding it. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Still doesn't work--oh well.

Thanks so much whoever put the Homestar pic on my page. :)--MelonadeLuvr

You've pressing shift while pressing "\"?
And you are welcome. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Yes I have been pressing that. This is all it does: / or ? oh well. I guess I just wasn't cut out to make a box.

Wrong slash. \, not /. -- JestersOfTheMoon


Thank you, bkmlb, for scaring our new member. -- JestersOfTheMoon

is this a box now?

Yay! Now I can make boxes!!!!! --MelonadeLuvr

so cool a box
so cool a big box - FireBird

hi I'm Mel
ona del uvr

I guess nobody
wants to come to my page anymore. : (


At least SOMEBODY likes my page. Sigh. I wish I had something cool on my page that would make people want to come here.

My EVIL plan has started. You now have something cool on your page.

COOL!!! I can't WAIT for it to be revealed!!!!

??????? - Guy who thinks you're almost as weird as he is

Here are the pictures you wanted:

thanks for the pics

Nice Homesar Pics.. - Homesar Wannabe

zeroty- five more days left until awesome is awesome
I mean 5, not 05-MyFavouriteWordAndLuckyNumberIsMyName