Hello tastey children! My name is Shattered Alien. Yup. Well, not really, my actual name is Manders, but it's not like everyone wanted to know that. I'm not necessarily new here as I've been using this site for a few months now, but I just made a thing today because, well, I don't even know why. Yeah. I'm a bit boring. But I'm willing to help with anything that needs help. Be it transcripts or whatever. I can do it. I can do it nine times. Just a bit of dumb humour there. Okay. Bye.

Shattered Alien

The Origin Of My Username: Well, you see, I am a big fan of anagrams. That's right, my username is an anagram. And just what is it an anagram for? Death Is Eternal. Yup. I typed that in and Shattered Alien was one of the results. Check out: http://www.anagramsite.com for some anagrams of your own. *dance*

If you would like to find more about me and my friends and other junk like that, check out this site: http://www.stoner-chan.tk. It's my personal site. There's pictures of me and of other people and even of my drawings and there's a bunch of other stuff there too. This is posted in the WikiUser website thing too. Yup.

Hello, I'm the first commenter, I just wanted to say hi. - CE1