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Hi, I'm Drew. Actually, that is a nickname. My Username is AwesomeGuy. Sometimes I'm AG or That Awesome Guy. I picked this name because.....oh, who cares? The only other thing you'll know about me is my [E-mail]. And that I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, The only place (that I know of) that can be Scorching hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

Anydangway, on to some links:
Shameless Work
Go to my old page
[My Webpage] NOTE: Redesigned!
[Link deleted because the page disapeared]

I think I might be growing in popularity but I can't be sure.


7.11.04 -- I got back from vacation yesterday and am active again.

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When somthing's deleeted, in your user space, who ya gonna call?
--Who's cool? BKMLB!!
Yes, well, thank you, tonight. -- AwesomeGuy