a:> run Homesar Wannabe Preferance.exe.

Mouth Size: big enough to fit a CD- R in it ( just kidding)
Hi! as you can see I'm a wanna-be Homesar! Well, that's what you think...
but really I don't want to be a Homesar. I just use this name to be humorous...
Please don't hurt me!!!

Who do you want to be? Homsar or Homestar? -Shopiom

Neither, he wants to be Homesar. That's a whole different misspelled Homestar from Homsar. In case you don't remember, Homsar isn't supposed to exist. - William S.

Well guys(devilish laughter) I'm so glad to hear from you... It really makes me feel NOTICED. I didn't think anyone would find me. (sobs) I don't want to be Homesar. I want to be just like Strong BAD!!! (wails) I want to be noticed like him and answer my e-mails like him because I NEVER GET E-MAILS!!!!-Homesar Wannabe
P.S. Please don't bring your grandma.

um yeah. Welcome. To the wiki. um. Yeah.

YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL! Finally I have friends and I know other people who also know Homestarrunner

You spelled Homsar wrong in your username. - FireBird

THANKS PAL!!! You are so rad. Now I'm going to kick the cheat... (attempts to kick the cheat) OW! The Cheat bit me!!!
Homesar Wannabe

You're welcome, pal. It turns out I am so rad. - FireBird

That is a matter of oppinion. <Spells 'opinion' wrong to further annoy FireBird>. (j/k)
Welcome to the wiki, Homesar Wannabe. -JamesGecko

Grrr... - FireBird (Ha.)

You guys are great! AND Colloquial language is unacceptable! My teacher thought me that word.

It turns out we are great. - FireBird

THis is great... but its too bad i don't have an e-email eddress. I want to hug the cheat. Marzipan is okay. I reall want to make friends like Strong Bad. I should have stayed in the hi-5 line when I had the chance.Homesar Wannabe

You seem like a really hyper guy. And I already know I am cool, so you don't have to tell me. I appreciate it, though. :) - FireBird

Why don't you take some time to fill out some the WikiUserInfo section of the site so we can all know a bit more about you? -Fishie McGee

Wowzers! I think I will thank you! The cheat is not dead! So glad the Cheat is not...
Just the CLAPS! Homesar Wannabe Yo! HOw do you put pictures on the site?

U put a picture on by getting a link to a picture(a direct link) u type it in, ond there's your picture! By the way, thanks for complementing on my pics. :) --MelonadeLuvr

If U want an example of a pic, I can give you one. --MelonadeLuvr

DOT DOT DOT! Your Welcome! Well... uh.. I guess I want a pic... from you... Homesar Wannabe"..becasue we are not special.." Trinity to Neo in the Matix 3

Stoppin' bye to say hi! -- Mike

this link is so secret... this must the most secretest thing EVER!


JoeynDay?: (does a back flip and readies himself)
Me: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you want to CHALLENGE!
ME: DOUBLE DUNCE! (does a fighter stance)
Me:(starts running towds him)
Joeynday:(starts running towds me)
Me: (I jump towds him)
Joeynday: (He jumps towds me)
Me: (attack him in mid-air)
Joeynday: (attacks at the same time I attack him)
Me: (land on my feet)
Joeynday: (lands on his feet)
Joeynday: (then wobbles and faint)
Me: Dot! dot! dot!

well.. today i found out i've been BLOCKED for being a bad boy.. but now IM FREE!! MWAHAHA- i mean.. haha... yeah thats right..

Who the heck is JoeyNDay?? -- FireBird

a monster? j/k he is the CREATOR OF THE THIS SITE!! NUMBER 1? ring a bell? or two? or bread?