Hey my old username was Corinne. I'm Pomx2, but my name, you guessed it, is Corinne. :) I own The Isle of Pom (http://www.freewebs.com/isle-of-pom) and I love Pom Pom! :D

I'm good at spelling, typing, English, and reading, but I STINK at art, social studies, science, math, and all that other stuff. But I like playing the drums. I play soccer and basketball, even though I'm like 4'5" so I'm really short. I like to sing too and to work on my website that my brother helped me with. My best friend is named Becca. BFF!


I'm Cheerleader!

/LonelySilence it's my story that has nothing to do with Homestar Runner. Please tell me if I shouldn't put it up.


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Comments? Questions? Athlete's Foot Complaints?

Never mind. I found and took it. Guess who I was? Thomas. -Mrs. Bad