Hello, I am DeLoreanz1. I have chosen this name because I obviously love DeLoreans! Comment if you like DeLoreans! I am the only person I have heard about to have beaten the King Game with a PERFECT SCORE....160 to ZERO! I did good on that....I've also beaten it several times with other scores, not cheating.
My first visit was a while back...I loved the site, and my firsts were:
A Jorb Well Done
Guitar (When it was the more newer one)
Main page 13 (I loved "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!")
SB character video
To all my friends, I go "Name a number between one and 106." They say a number, (50) and I say "50 Emails", like telling them what SBEmail it is.

DeLoreans were the awesomest cars from the 80's...or any time period...it starred in Back To The Future, and that is what made it famous. John Zachary DeLorean started his company in 1981. It was brought down in 1983 after the government entrapped him in a cocaine deal alledgedly in an atttempt to save his company from clear downfall. He was acquitted of all charges on reason of entrapment, but all the court fees drove the company out of business. JZD is supposedly working on the DMC 2, the sequel to the original DMC. The original company, DeLorean Motor Company, produced 10,583 DeLoreans of 3 minor varieties before being brought to a downfall.

Downloads has one of my entries on it....the DVN and TMBG links.

King Game has the entry about my score.

Strong Bad Email 104 theme park has seven of my entries, they are all of the easter eggs. I did not add the fun facts, however. That was kind of cool that I did all the easter eggs for an email right when it came out!

On the email raps, I tried to see how far I could get down the list before the rap was over. Here are my results:

scroll it control it1 step ahead
lets not mince wordscartoon
find my apartment keyhomsar
you must smoke cracksome kinda robot
ill like heart attacktrevor the vampire
oh, scroll but-oh-nescredit card
buttons you guys okayhomestar hair

It would be totally awesome if The Brothers Chaps made a front-half only figurine of Strong Bad, and it was like 6 inches tall, and on the backside of it, where his blue diamond is, made a bottle opener! That would be cool-a Strong Bad bottle opener for cold ones! I think a cold one is a root beer. I don't think it's really beer. If it is, I still don't care, cause I don't drink alcohol and never will.

The first time I saw Bubs, he reminded me (and still does) of Fred Sanford. Just his attitude, his voice, his name for goodness sakes, is like Fred Sanford off of Sanford And Sons.

On Dancin Bubs I matched the dance he does in "Lookin' At A Thing In A Bag" as closely as possible. From head to feet the movements go: 2 7 7 8

You actually can't see Bubs' legs, so I just did 8, which is nothing.

Has anybody ever been here?


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A little somthin-somthin to help out Hobo. test page

Here, I did it for you if you want:
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Strong Bad is awesomer than you--according to him anyways

DeLorePoints Cool points, and the idea came from Hagurumon.

DeLorePoints, eh? Wow, I think I've started a new fad. Awesome! -Hagurumon

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