WikiFanStuff/OtherCharacterEmail has been posed strictly for characters that we have knowledge about in the aspects of personality and interests. However, here is a place where you can answer emails from minor characters about which, little is known! You can make up any personality you want. Heck, maybe TBC will see it and be inspired.

Characters: (first the character, then the name of the answerer. PUT YOUR NAME if you would like to do it.)
Homeschool Winner - PrincessofStrongBadia
The Sneak- Gravy Train Captian
Fat Dudley- Stevebad
Strong Man- Stevebad
1936 Marzipan- hehehomestar gives up opne 4 takers
Two Kids - Ace101 Come on, anyone? Anything?
Thnikkaman -- hehehomestar
Doregard Property of MoogleMaster?
SB's Mom- as portrayed by Strongrad
Dijerry Doo -I got him! -Stevebad
Cheerleader - SibbieSong
Homsay-The unnamed girl from Dancin' Bubs. Strongrad
Trogdor - Translated from Dragon-Talk by FancyMan
/Eh!SteveHmmm... I'll take it!-Diva840
/The S is for sucks dragon-HomeschoolDJ S is for dragon, or, snake
/The Unguraits-RaisedByACupOfCoffee Of course, it will be my interpretation of the guys.
/The Prince Of Town-AgentNine
/The Wheelchair Shopiom will do this!
/The Cowcopter-Stinkoman K
Strong Glad - William S.
The Cheat's Strong Bad - Strong Lad
Biscuit Dough Hands Man -crap
The Cheat Commandos - CheatCommando
Strong Sad's Mother - Bri
Senor - Bri
/Thomas -The lil' guy from TeenGirlSquad Homestarball Z
/Yello-Dello-Homestarball Z
/Kevin-the guy from the marzipan aswering machine/owner of the video camera gunhaver
Grape Nuts Robot - Ace101


Well, Cheerleader was in the Other Character Email but JestersOfTheMoon deleted it, so, can she be in other other email? -Crap

Knock yourself out! I mean, not like, with a hammer....

Stevebad and Strongrad, You are answering WAYYYYYYY to many emails!!!! you should give other people turns. It should be one person answering one email. - hehehomestar

This has pretty much gone too far. People are anwsering for characters that don't even TALK, much less do much in toons. I mean, there's Sticklyman, Eh! Steve and "Homsay" up there. Is it just because everybody wants to answer emails? Why? Just... Why? -War129

If you go to The Prince of Town, I want it like SB emails. You guys post questions up there, and I answer them. -- AgentNine

That's what they do in all the other emails...................Crap

I added The Wheelchair from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes -Shopiom

...*head explodes because Homsay isn't even a character* --liato

Go talk to Strongrad for five minutes. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Stevebad, please remove your comment. I'll stop the war, and never create a character here if you do. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Listen. Strong Glad and "Homsay" aren't even characters. How do you know what they are like if they don't say a word, none the less exist? Certain characters (Biscuit Dough Hands Man, "Homsay") need to be deleted. - FireBird

In my opinion, deleting pages sorta defeats the purpose of OtherOtherEmail?. The only thing I want to see deleted is FireBird's "delete these pages" things. -- William S.

Well, certain characters don't even exist. Strong Bad's mom? We don't know any thing about the Strongs mom. Don't delete every character, no, that wouldn't be good. The Wheelchair and Thnikkaman are great for this, but not "Homsay". - FireBird

Did you ever think about another email site like that would have all the characters rejects and real ones, that
had 13 selected people who were the best at making and awnsering emails? Not Like Sticklyman Talking,Though) -
The 10-year old kid who thought of a 12-year old kid's idea. I think.

Yeah, "Homsay" needs to be removed, FireBird, but I think that she and the Biscuit Dough Hands Man are the only ones, as we don't even know that there IS a Biscuit Dough Hands Man, and "Homsay" we know nothing about.(NOT EVEN THE NAME) But Strong Glad belongs here as much as Homeschool does, in my humble opinion, because we know exactly the same amount about them(a name and a picture), and I doubt that POSB would let you delete Homeschool. Speaking of Homeschool, why hasn't he answered my actually intelligent email? -- William S.

Please e-mail Thomas - Homestarball Z
pls email kevin 2 - gunhaver

Since POSB left, can I take the Homeschool emails? - William S.