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Dear Homsay,
Why do you have a crush on Homeschool Winner?

WHAT!! How could I have a crush on my brother? For you stupid people, Homeschool, Homsar, Homestar and I are all siblings! (See Charactor_Stuff)Liking Homeschool would just be icky. Now im gonna go work on my science project, The Philosophy That Homsar is the Exception to "Eveyone was Created Equal".

Dear Homsay,
Do you know Marzipan?


Marzipan, Marzipan, oh, her! My idiot brothers girlfrined. Yeah, a little, but I try and stay away from her as much as I can.

Dear Homsay,
Do you know Strong Bad? What do you think of him?

Homsay-Strong Bad? Who the...... oh yeah, Strong Bad! That guy with the mask. I used to love him. I asked him out and he said I could go out with Strong Mad, but we broke up cause he would always slobber when I went over his house. But i do have a crush on his cuozin, Strong Phad.

Strong Phad- Hey girl, if you want an appointment with me, you have to set one up with my lackey, the Dijery Doo.

Dijery Doo- Rawr, Rer Ra Rrauw!

Strong Phad-You said it, she should date the King of Town!

Homeschool- Hey guys, lets go play Ding Dong Ditch at Marzipan's!
(Strong Phad and The Dijery Doo agree, and those three leave)

Homsay- Uuuuhhhh, I dont like the King of Town.... UUuuummm... well, i do, but you never heard that!

Dear Homsay,
Do you have a cell phone? What's your ring sound like?

Homsay- Well, not really, i always send a message by computer or carrier pigeon, but I really should get one.

(Cut to seen at Bubs concession Stand)

Bubs- I got a cell phone right here, and it even comes with its own ring! And, its only Elevendy Eight Dollars and 15 cents!

Homsay- Ill take it!

(Cut to seen at computer)

Homssay- Now lets here the ring.

Choir like voice- Buy at Bubs for all your crapful needs, please.

How fast are you at running?????? what do you do with h4x0rz?>>?>?>?>1one

Well, if you stopped and checked my picture, i have a medal. That means im fast. So fast, you dont know im fast.

How does Strongrad know your name is Homsay when it makes no reference to your name ever? And how does he know you and Homestar are siblings? Oh yeah, that's right! He lives in his own little fantasy world where whatever he thinks atuomaticly becomes true! Nevermind. - FireBird

Dear Homsay,

...there is no Homsay.


Dear Homsay,
Who the crap is Homsay? I bet you that "Homsay" doesn't exist! In fact, she's just another Unnamed Girl! She sucks! She's Homeschool's Girlfriend, not brother! D:<
~Just Nobody Sportsinterview~

How would you know?

How would you know her name is Homsay? - FireBird

Dear "Homsay",
If you're Homeschool's Girlfriend, and Homestar's sister, Homestar and Homeschool are twins! You're dating your brother! You're a sicko! Gosh! What is wrong with you?!
Disgusted With You, El Conducto

Dear Strongrad, Why are you dressed up as a girl and calling yourself Homsay?
You Pal, Palbert

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