1) Awesome

2) Da jam



5) La Wierda Emaile

Dear SB's Mom,
Your middle son is the most wonderful guy! How did you raise him to be so awesome?

sbm-Well, it started with tapes. When he was asleep, i played them to him. Also, i let him make fun of strong sad. Well, it was the only thing i could do with that dork.

Dear SB's Mom,
Strongbad is totally rockin' did you teach him how to jam? Do you like Limozeen or Teranchula?

sbm- Well, it was easy. All I had him do was watch ASROY. It stands for awesome-super-rock-oh-yeah. Actually, i enjoy Bigg Knife best.

Dear Mrs. Strong,

How strong are you?

Just wondering-
William S.

sbm-S.? Does that stand for sucks? How strong am I??!!! Watch this(Picks up Strong Sad and throws him across the room)
Strong Sad- Now I know why Strong Glad left.
sbm-Ill show you! (kicks him then does a hip-hop dance on his face)

Chere Madame Forte,
Why is it that all of the proof on Homestar Runner Dot Com leads to the assumption that you love Strong Sad and dislike Strong Bad, yet you answer all of these emails as if you were Strong Bad and do cruel things to Strong Sad in the emails?
Seigneur Kadafron

SBM-Well, once strong bad became cool, i wanted him to make stong sad the same. However, as I found out, noone can make Strong Sad cool, so i too, made fun of him. Well, let's try one more time. Assemble the ASORAP, or the Amazing Society of Really Awesome People.

(Scene cuts to table.)

Homeschool Winner- As you can see, all we need to do is put in sublinimal messages in a song.
Coach Z- We can use my hit single!
Bubs- Ill get the equipment.
Homsar- Well Johny, looks like im in dispair.
SBM- How the crap did you get hear? Security!
Strong Mad- GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. (Picks up Homsar and carries him out.)
The Cheat-(Translated) Pom Pom and i will put in the messages.
SBM- Ok, Strong Bad, looks like you get to make Strong Sad put on these headphones.
Strong Bad- Crap!!!

(Cuts to just Strong Sad and Strong Bad)

Strong Bad- Hey, dufus, put these on.
Strong Sad- I cant, im playing Sorry with the guys.
(Strong Bad and Strong Sad walk over to table where Marzipan, Homestar, the Kot, Homsar and Strong Mad are playing)
Strong Bad- Strong Mad! What the crap are you doing!??!!
Strong Mad-IM NOT HERE! (runs away)
Kot- All right, 6, just like the number of sodas i drink in an hour!
Homestar- Awright, you sent Marzipan back to start.
Marzipan- This game is too violent.
Homsar- Hot Dog, It's the war of 1729!
Strong Sad- As you can see, im very busy.

(Cuts to Strong Bad's Mom at computer)

Sbm- So, Kadafrom, see what i mean? There's no way that guys gonna be cool. Well, see ya, i gotta go sell those headphones over the internet!

Liebe Mrs Strong:
Ich hasse Sie. Ich hasse Schlechtes Steve. Ich hasse starkes Rad. Ich hasse die andere andere charactor-emailseite. Warum sind Sie solch eine dumme Eselsbohrung? Diese Seite saugt Hahn.
Seigneur Kadafron

SBm- What the ? The Cheat!!!!!!! You forgot to translate!!!!

The cheat- Ill fix it then. (Gets shocked by computor) not workin
SBM- Well i took German in 5'th grade. Lets see if i got this right using this decoder.

Dear Mrs. Strong,

I slap an horse. What the crap is cheese? Twelve times toe is sevendy-two. I wearith a bacon. Dogs eating my foot. Worlds pie colide is berry crunchy.

Some Guy

SBM- That makes no sense.
Homestar- Hey, thats my decoder for my cereal. Crunchy Bites, they arent good for you!!!
SBM- Ok Kadafron, just because that happened, im sending you spam. Now, i will eat some ham.

Dear Mrs. Bad,

I heard that all the Brothers Strong have different mothers and that you are just Strong Bad's mom. Is that true?



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