SSM: *sigh*

SSM: *turns her computer on*

COM: On! Welcome back!

SSM: *e mail double click*

COM: Password: ****

COM: Logged on...

COM: Loading...

COM: Welcome!

COM: You have 0 new E-Mails! (Change the number (from zero) to the next number when you write me!)

cheating NEW!

Dear Strong Sad's Mother,

Did you know that Strong Dad is cheating on you? He is dating Strong Bad's Mother. I saw him talking to Homsay in the bar. Better watch out.

Your friend and helper,

The Helper

Dear The Helper,

Oh, really? I thought he devorsed her. You're probally wondering what I'm talking about so let me tell you. Strong Dad married Strong Mad's Mother, had Strong Mad, and later divorsed her. Then, he married Strong Bad's Mother, had Strong Bad, then later divorsed HER. Then, he married me, had Strong Glad, then had Strong Sad, and we have stayed together ever sence. I'm really sad that he's cheating on me. I should divorse him... Anyway, if he cheats on Strong Bad's Mother with Homsay it's his fault. Thanks for the info!


Strong Sad's Mother

SD: *opens the door and walks in*

SD: Honey, I'm home!

The Paper: *comes down* Click here to E-Mail Strong Sad's Mother.


Two things: One, Strong Sad's Mother and Strong Bad's Mother is the same person and THIS CHARACTER DOSEN'T EVEN EXIST! - Fire "Getting annoyed by these e-mails" Bird

Two words: FAN page! - Bri

Who is Homsay? - FireBird

It's the Unnamed Girl. I don't like the name of what the fans say she is supposed to be, either. - Bri

It's OK, you didn't do anything wrong, The Helper! :) - Bri