Trogdor is waiting to answer questions

Ummm... are you related to the s is for sucks dragon?

Yes. He is my cousin. I don't know why he never had any color. He might be an albino or have a "skin disease" like
Michael Jackson. I really don't know him that well. One thing I do know is that he sucks. I mean, come on. He advertises it like, all day.
-Trogdor, translated by FancyMan

Dear Trogdor,

How do you "burninate"? What is the source of your fire?


I honestly don't know. Mabey some stomach acid or something. That's probably true, because when I don't eat for a while, the fire turns purple and smells bad, and eventually stops. As for how I actually "burninate", how about this: How do you move your arms? It's just something I can do with that acid.
-Trogdor, translated by FancyMan

Dear Trogdor,

How do you become invincible when you burninate? Do you have some sort of invisible shield that activates when you stomp on 10 peasents?

Your loyal fan,
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Actually, burnination is not just a stream of fire, it makes the air around me burning hot. So, when a soldier/knight/idiot gets near me, they feel so hot and so exhausted that they cannot fight.