Note: I am Psycho Mike

I think I won the powerball.

Well I did not really but i do freak about The Cheat and Homsar. I love Homestar so much i am on it like at least once everyday. My sister is Dark Grapefruit. We post under each others names sometimes so well ya. You can email me at or or and you can add it to your msn messanger except the last one.

Favourite Emails

I would have to say they are StrongBadEmail/homsar, StrongBadEmail/spring cleaning, StrongBadEmail/sb_email 22, StrongBadEmail/stunt double, StrongBadEmail/monument, and StrongBadEmail/different town.

Favourite Cartoons

These would be 20X6 vs. 1936, Everybody To The Limit, and Homsar's character video.

Big Projects I Have Worked On

Here they are:

Single Pages I Have Done

I cant remeber anymore but I will add them if I do.

My Cool Stuff