In the Strong Bad email comic, a girl named Brittany asked if Strong Bad could make a comic strip about her four friends Virginia, Joy, Kristin, and Jennifer. Strong Bad's spur of the moment comic strip soon became a series. Teen Girl Squad centers on four junior high school teenage girls -- Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, and the Ugly One -- who like to buy clothes and attract cute boys. Unfortunately, they are all-too-often subjected to the random dangers of Strong Bad's overactive imagination.


(Note: A (T) doesn't necessarily mean the transcript is complete or correct, nor does an (E) necessarily mean that all of the EasterEggs have been found!)

Issue 1 (T, E)
Issue 2 (T, E)
Issue 3 (T)
Issue 4 (T, E)
Issue 5 (T, E)
Decemberween Teen Girl Squad (T, E)

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