I'm William S.

I am 14 years old as of June 1st, 2004 and live in North Carolina.

However, my mathematical skills are way beyond my age.(no more bragging past this point)

Comments below the line:

Dude todays your birthday. Happy Birthday. Heres a present:
present.jpg -SephirothBadReligion

Happy birthday, man. 14 years. I remember when I was last 14. That was like, 2 weeks ago. Man, good times. Good times indeed.
"I'm buyin' you a pizza!" SpikeIke

Thanks, you two. Well, now it's the day after my birthday, but that doesn't matter. - William S.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thanks for correcting my name! So.. you're like 14? That's cool. I'm about to become 14 too! And I'm going to be the guy just like you! Homesar Wannabe