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Hello, everypeoples! SBZ22 here! As you can see from my past WikiChat subjects, I like taking all kinds of surveys. I have a whole list of them here, so you can be expecting to see a lot of new WikiChat subjects being added on every day! (Believe me, it's just to keep you guys from getting bored. It'll keep everybody occupied! Okay, so this subject is about the WikiUsers's ages ONLY! Non-registered members forbidded. So, please do not add any comments to this if you're not a member. Remember, I'm taking a survey. I don't need a whole lotta people adding info with no name.

=== Record your birthdate here! ===
Put your age in the proper chronological place, please.

Numerical order, please.
*Stinkoman K : 10 1/2 (as of 6/2)
*Lord Karkon : 10 (and in 7th grade!)
*AgentNine:10 (and also not in the seventh grade!)
*JestersOfTheMoon: 10 (and not in seventh grade!)
*Crap: 11 years and going to 7th grade!
*DragonDoom5: 11.something
*Yaanu: 11.75... yea.
*FireBird : 11, 5th Grade
*DaChazman- 11 and in 6th grade
*BurninatorBoombox: 11, going into sixth grade (DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!)
*LimoZeener:11 but almost 12
*HomestarGirl:11 and in 6th grade
*CrabClam:its april 29th 2004 and my birthday!now i'm 12
*Jack Selby:12, in 7th grade.
*Another Fan: 12 and in 6th grade too.
*SBZ22: 12 and in 6th grade. (I was not left back.)
*SgtSalad: 12 and also in the 7th of the grades.
*CE5: 12 and 11/12
*Ser-G-Gant Marshie I just turned 12! - Rising 7th
*ninjaman: 12 in 7th grade
*Da Bee: 12 in year 7
*TubularLuggage: 12 going into 7th grade
*TheCheatIsNotDead 12, going into 8th grade (because I was promoted 2 grades)
*Hagurumon: 12 in 7th grade. 13 on September 1st.
* kingofhomsaria 12,13 on july 11, boing into eighth at OMS
*DeLoreanz1 13, and I am in the ninth grade, I skipped two!
* Ingiald: 13
* UnknownHzrd 13 yay
* Shopiom is 13. Nothin' special about it.
*Kupo is 13.
*pikin' the east coast as 13 yaers ald
*War129: 13 (Update as of May 8th, 2004: 14 now.)
*Poot Slap 13 Heading into 8th Grade
*Mr. Strong Bad: 14
*AlphaZodiac: 14 (w00t, c00k135 r0x0r2)
*Arrohed Aria: 14 3/4 (hehe yeah i keep track of quarter bdays) going into 9th
*Heir_of_Lindeen: Older than Lord Karkon younger than Gemini.
*PrincessofStrongBadia: 14 and in 9th grade; I'll be 15 on July 14th
*wazup90210: 14; 8th grade; grounded 'till summer...
*Clever Dan: THE BIG 15 and a freshman
*Jweb Guru: 15
*M.J: 15 and in year 10
*TehMilkman: 16
*lue of sky: 16. >_>
*Shattered Alien: 16. Well, almost 17. I'll change it after my birthday. ^_^
*The Brothers E: 17
*Mithent: 17
*ImitationChocolate: 18
*Gemini: 18
*Shenlon 18 (and three quarters... :) )
*Hobophobic: 19, 20 in Nov
*CoochDog: 19
*FortyFour: Freshly 20.
*Fishie McGee 20 and uh... what month is it?... eh, forget it I'll be 21 in September
*InterruptorJones: 21
*AgentSeethroo: 22 Years old! Happy birthday to me!
*Stu: 22
*StrongCanada: 23...and a half...wish I was five again!
*cmkilger: 23
*JoeyDay: 24
*Buz: 26 and Holy Cow y'all are young! Thanks for reminding me, FireBird :)
*EboMike: 28 (uh oh)
*DungeonGirl: 30 (oh my!)
*J-J: um... 42 -- way out of my league here...
*SoylentGreenIsPeople: 53 -- oldest Homestar Runner fan!