hullo. me is new. i wanted to sort alphabetically(sp?) that rejects page, hope i didnt do anything wrong like forgetting a link...
so. uh.. maybe ill put some spammity pictures in this page like everyone else does, but i dont have many to think of...

I started this free-for-all text adventure which can be found at the WikiFanStuff or simply here

Ugh! I can't believe how awful that previous intro&rules page for that free-for-all was!

comments (or whatever):

Spammity. Good word. AgentSeethroo

Wallydrag is just as good. -- FireBird

You are awesome, lue of sky. I mean, I never would've thought aboutdoing an all open. Pretty good idea!
-1936 Homsar
P.S. How many times can you do a part on Open for all SB?

I changed the rules page a while ago because i just saw how awful it was (too many rules, some of them are obvious and the others are stupid), it no longer says that you shouldn't do too many pages. You can do how many pages you want, but try not to have 5 or more sequential pages, or having more than 75% of the Free For All done by you. But that's common sense more than rules, I think.- lue of sky

Shalom, lue of sky! Greetings from Israel! -Maudi Algabban