Hi!! My name is... ******* *******. My secret identity is /TCIND because it's a lot easier to type.
I like all the characters on H*R, and I can do the voices for all of them except Homsar. I've given up trying to do Homsar. His voice is just too weird.
If I had to choose a favorie, it would be STRONGBAD!!!!!!! sbemail.PNG My friend and I are both obsessed, but she is obbsessed WAY more than me. One of my fav. episodes is the army episode. And I am a Moonie!! That means I like Sailor Moon, BTW.
Go to-
That's about it. And I can kinda speak Spanish.

whats with the wallpaper on ur username? Clever Dan

i just wanted to put it there, mr. dan

your page rocks!!! ButterDa?

What?? You can speak Spanish? That was a random comment.--bkmlb

¿Si habla Espanol?


Just out of courtesy for dial-up users, see if you can put a smaller Homestarmy picture in your profile. Just a thought. -- DeeDee
ok, DeeDee, I can try to change the wallpaper, but i don't think it woill get much smaller... y cuantas personas hablan espanol?
I have now transcripted The Reddest Radish! Go see it!

I'm more obsessed than you! ^_^ -PrincessofStrongBadia
Maybe..... TCIND

Hey Tinglings... this is Sody!! Are you talking about me when you talk about your obsessed friend??? My username is StrongSar... just admit it, i'm better at the voices than you!!!!! Especially Homestar and Homsar, the only ones i can't do are Bubs and da Kot. Joob b'stienking lieke e boutex.... et stienkey boutex!!!

What the crap did that last sentence mean??? -da princess

Wow, you sure are stinky, princess. It's a language that only TCIND and I know. -StrongSar

Hey.. you took off ButterDa?, you stink butt!!!! ButterDa? was cool! Why'd you take it off?????????????- StrongSar