H1 I 4m D4Ch4zm4n and I 4m c00l. I'm n0t ex4ctly 4 n3wbi3 4nym0re but I c4n sp33k 1337! y4y!
Translation: Hi I am DaChazman and I am cool. I'm not exactly a newbie anymore but I can speak leet! yay!
and now, here's a sig I made for Strongfans.com...


This is my screen name in 3D, now is that cool or what?


It looks like the opening to one of those 70s cop TV shows.

May I give you a warm welcome on behalf of every one on the wiki!
- Mysterious-Stranger

Dude, the fingers move is my signature move. awsum. -Arro

DARN YOU. I WAS ABOUT TO AWNSER STRONG BAD EMAIL EASTER EGGS 101. XD who cares. hey~ the mysterious board moniter of deletarath