I am Homestar Girl and I`m 11 years old.
I`m a big fan of Homestar Runner and Zelda.
I like listening to music,reading books and sleeping.
My favorite characters are Homestar,Homsar,Strong Bad,Strong Sad,Marzipan and Coach Z
My real name is Vicki(Elario,Kyle and Peter,this Vicki from Math/SS/science classes)
Does anyone hate me because I`m a kid? Just asking.

No. -CE5
Thank you. I was just wondering. I`ll try not to be annoying.-HomestarGirl

I think most (all) of us could be considered kids. Even though I talk like this, I'm only 13. Yeah. Well, bye.

Yeah, don't worry. We were all 11 once. I'm 14 I still consider myself a kid.
~Arrohed Aria

S'okay, really, I'm only 12.- SBZ22

I'm 14. And even when I'm 60 years old I'll still think of myself as a kid!!

Don't let ur bein 11 stop u from changin stuff and posting and such...

I thought everybody would think of me as a spammer.-HomestarGirl

Heh, don't think we will make decisions about you because of your age. Granted, we would think of you as a spammer/troll if you started deleting every page in sight for no reason, but since you aren't doing that we won't. -War129

BTW, I'm 12. ninjaman

I think JoeyDay and I must be the oldest folks around here. Oh, and DeeDee, too. -- InterruptorJones

I guess I`m the youngest. I`ve been a fan since Feb. 18 of this year. Yet I know alot of Homestar Runner. It`s pretty weird-HomestarGirl

No, I'm 10, but I'm in 7th grade. BOO-YAH! -Lord Karkon

Whoa. I`m in 6th. Why are you in 7th Grade,you skipped?

Yup! -Lord Karkon

Wow! Do ya'll hate me because I'm 20? -Fishie McGee

I'm still older. ;) But JoeyDay has us all beat so far. -- InterruptorJones

I'm still not sure how I feel about this. My fiancee looks at me kindof funny when I tell her my site is most popular with the 13-15 year olds. :) I'm glad you're all here though. It's fun to see the great things you all contribute. Welcome to the wiki HomestarGirl. --JoeyDay
Well Mr. Day, there are some things you should not tell your wife to be. The fact that you have a site completly devoted to a talking marshmallow and a man in a wrestling mask that is extremly popular with a group of people known as teenagers is probably one of the things that you should let her figure out on her own. - heir_of_Lindeen

I'm at the ripe old age of 18. - Gemini

no one can read my secret post! im 14-M'fox


Hehe, my dad's an old fart. - Corinne

Jeez...yall are makin me feel old...and I'm 13! :D

You're 10 in SEVENTH GRADE? I skipped too, but I'm 12, and in seventh grade. That's wack. -Fozzywozz

I'm 26 and I feel really old now....ah who cares. I know other guys my age who like Homestarrunner. I'm young in heart. --Deathmonger

umm...uhhh....hmm. I feel for ya there Deathmonger...we should start an "old fart" page on the wiki for the people over 18...ya know...so we don't feel all...old or ummm...left out?

Tenderly I remain,
Cableman Jorge

ok not really -AgentSeethroo

Yeah. I think we should start an old fart page. I would certainly join. Btw, it's good to have you here on the wiki HomestarGirl. Stu

YES! Old Farts UNITE!!!! *cough cough fart cough* man...gettin old kinda sucks.....AgentSeethroo

i'm eleven and my mom lets me say the h word and the d word!-duders307

thanks mom AgentSeethroo *heckdarnheckdarn*

Hmmm... unless anyone's older than 30 looks like I'm the oldest at the moment. Anyone else married? -- DungeonGirl

I'm ten, and, uh, duders, I can say words a whole lot worse than that. OK, I remain the third or second youngest person on the Wiki (Pomx2 takes the prize at nine). JestersOfTheMoon

I tie w/him or her, because I'm 9, too. --MelonadeLuvr

Woo I feel so speshul! ~ Pomx2

Ohh Ohh I'm married! hey I thought I was the only one!! AgentSeethroo

13 here. I've been an Internet addict for three years, though. --Upsilon
when i said i could say the h and d words i mean the swares-duders307

I'm 17, but I will like Homestar till I'm really old! (how old that is you can judge for yourself) I'm also a big fan of Zelda. Which is your favorite? Mine's Majora's Mask. --Dark Grapefruit

Hey HomestarGirl I'm the same age as you are.-LimoZeener

Cool! Does anyone know how old is each character in Homestar Runner?-HomestarGirl

And another thing,Elario,if you go on this site,please join!-HomestarGirl

Who's Elario? I'm confused.- SBZ22

Prolly some friend. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Well.....If you're HomestarGirl, then you might want a Homestar pic......so here's 1 for U.
P.S. Sorry JestersOfTheMoon, I couldn't help myself, I needed 2 use shorthand! I'm so ashamed! : ( --MelonadeLuvr homestar.gif

Yeah I'm HomestarGirl ;)-HomestarGirl

Are you Pee Girl? From Homestar Survior. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Heke? I don't remember that.-HomestarGirl

Anyone else?

I'm 13, and there is nothing special about it. Everyone thinks being 13 is so hard, but it's really not! Especially not over summer vacation! :-D -Shopiom

There's an Ages page for a reason. :) -- FireBird, who, if you must know, is 11.