Welcome to T.R.O.L.L. (Trained Retaliating Oversized Logical Lords)!

This is a list of the members of the new troll busters! Put your name down if you want to join!
Trolls busted: 2

  1. Gemini
  2. PrincessofStrongBadia
  3. Mega-Cheat
  4. SBZ22
  5. Stinkoman X
  6. ImitationChocolate
  7. Pomx2
  8. Lord Karkon (I was inspired when I apprehended a troll on march 14th)
  9. HomestarGirl
  10. LimoZeener
  11. PirateChki
  12. Mysterious-Stranger
  13. Clever Dan recently apprehended a ip address of one
  14. Trogdors Minion Is cool
  15. itsdotcomer Is cooler
  16. pombad Is The Coolest
  17. AgentSeethroo wishes he could be cool.....
  18. Strongrad-Trolls, beware of my awesomeness!
  19. Stevebad I'll give those trolls what for!
  20. hehehomestar - T.R.O.L.L Member 23, Reporting for duties!
  21. LemSportsinterviews - Member 24, at attention!
  22. TehMilkman - Just call me 5 squared.
  23. wazup90210 - Just call me (5^2)+1! Haha, I'm such a loser...
  24. Diva840 has come to torture you
  25. thejeek has gone to the good side
  26. Sunnythehamstar shall join your ranks!
  27. CB Never seen a troll before......
  28. FancyMan is a bipolar who hates trolls.
  29. Mike Won't write anything after his name. Wait . . .
  30. Kupo likes pudding.
  31. William S. hates trolls and will put something extra here later relating to his number.
  32. Rainer has put in his comment a bit too late.
  33. Queen Of Town has what it takes! (The orange slices! The 5 bucks!)
  34. AwesomeGuy Ser-G-Geant AwesomeGuy reporting for duties!
  35. Shaon Meow!Steath-Stalker Furry Shaon reporting for duty!


Put down any trolls here and we'll bust their chops!
(Delete after they are busted)

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Comments, Questions, Etc.

Knew! On the market!
THE TROLL-BUSTER 2000! Bust those trolls and send 'em downtown!

Kneecaps? (Grood of you to make a security thing... Thing... Yeah. Grood.) - SummerFashions

When there is someone bad... on the internet... who you gonna call? TROLL BUSTERS! Jack Selby
1-800-TRLBSTRS (TRLBSTRS) = trollbusters

Apparantly, a volunteer named Tom took care of an idiot named TROLLMAN, good jorb, Tom!

Actually, it was more of a team effort between myself and another user. They fixed some of the pages, and I noticed they did and fixed some more, while documenting the abuse on the WikiTroll page so that an admin could take care of the rest. But in my case, it's not about taking credit for it, it's about keeping the wiki "troll free". -- Tom

Tom might be refering to me, I'm the [Metastar] guy. Ran across some trolling this morning whilst trying to look for references to the not-100'th email (which brought me here). The page it was listed on, the main strong bad emails page, had been trolled, so I looked up how to untroll it. RecentChanges rules :)
Meantime, next I'm trying to figure out how to put a nifty comment when you edit a page in the recentchanges list, like Tom does (reminds me of the -m flag in cvs) eg: "fixed a broken link", "replied to the goonie from bendcable" etc. And then how to establish a username and/or profile page :]
I can be reached at metastar aht lightsecond doht com if anyone wantsa school meh

Um, it wasn't you Metastar. It was [adsl-34-72-195.mia.bellsouth.net]. And you just have to put your comment in the "Summary of change" box. But I think you figured that out already. --Tom

Yessir. Also figured out usernames, yay me :)
Anywho, if you look at the history for StrongBadEmail I put an entry to revert the changes from trollman, and then you came in and changed it too. Is it possible that I made things worse? :(

No need for a lament. You did change the StrongBadEmail page to revert from the first troll this morning, but I just tweaked it a bit. The other user also fixed the other half-dozen pages changed. That's all. Don't worry, man, it's cool. -- Tom

Umm... I believe it's Mega-Cheat who's been doing the mass trolling. He has the identical first three digits of his IP, and if he's on dial-up, his IP address will change every time he logs on. But the first three numbers of his IP are 205.222.228, same as the troll who attacked earlier. I just find too many signs pointing at him. He needs to be gotten rid of. -- Gemini

I'm with Gemini.- (StrongBadZone22)?
Me too. - FireBird (sorry Mega-Cheat, but all signs point to you...)
Me 3. AwesomeGuy

I troll hair. AgentSeethroo

I eat trolls for dinner!-LimoZeener

Hmmmmmmmmm..... just needs a little more salt........- (StrongBadZone22)?

(StrongBadZone22)? I'm with you who is with Gemini-LimoZeener

So...are we secret agents ? -PirateChki

Are there any new signs of trolls?
- Mysterious-Stranger

I do not think so stranger - PirateChki

Trolls must be stopped. I have seen trolls devour information on other wikis- Clever Dan

THEY JUST GOT IT ON THE MARKET: = THE TROLL BUSTER 2000 = ! It fires a blast that blows the troll to little gooey pieces. All members of T.R.O.L.L needs one. - FireBird

How do we get this acclaimed "Troll Buster 2000", and how can we use it if we are on the others side of the continent/world. The net is a huge place, even bigger than the world it connects.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Its a joke, stranger. Jeez. - FireBird

Jeez yourself, Fire, just carrying on the joke. Sorry.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Oh. Thought you were ending the joke. - FireBird

- Mysterious-Stranger

Some of you guys spend more time on here then me (as well as the other admins). If you see some troll activity and it doesn't look like we are on top of it, please feel free to shoot me an email. swilde 'aht' cs.utah.edu with information on where to find this troll activity and I will be more then happy to take a looksie.



Im confused, i wanna bust offenders, but can someone in a nice list tell me how??? - hehehomestar

Only administrators can block ip addresses (for good reasons... :D) but you can help by keeping track of the pages in RecentChanges. If you see troll activity, fix the page(s) and add the user to the list of WikiTrolls. If it doesn't appear that an admin is doing anything about it, you can send me email. I check as often as I can, but I am only on here 21-22 hours a day. :) If you are still confused, shoot me an email or instant message and I will clarify. -Stu

How do u become an administratior? - hehehomestar also, whats ur screen name?

Why are you using such bad grammar? The word is spelled Y-O-U. three letters. That looks stupid. -CE5

Why do YOU have to correct my spelling and grammer? I want replies that will be useful to me - hehehomestar

My screen name is posted on my user space... -Stu

Someone is messing with the user-numbers.I used to be 89, but now I am 90.
- Mysterious-Stranger

You can go through the history of the page and figure out where you were bumped down. -Stu

actually, you don't need to. I went through and figured it out. -Stu

Who-dunnit? I also think crisw is a troll!
- Mysterious-Stranger

Nope, sorry. (Following removed by crisw, as (Mysterious Stranger)? has withdrawn the accusation of my being a troll. crisw

Sorry! BIG MISSUNDERSTANDING! But someone has messed with the numbers, I won't let that go
- Mysterious-Stranger

They trolles stink really hard n' stuff itsdotcomer

I have another (true) troll sighting. The aforementioned user ersaed everything in the WikiSandbox. I replaced everything, but is it worthy enough to be a troll?
- (Mysterious Stranger)?

The sandbox is a place where people can learn how to use the wiki. There is a chance that they just didn't realize what they were doing, and didn't know how to fix it. Also, who are you talking about? 168-103-70-99.dnvr.qwest.net has been placed on the the potential troll list, but they aren't the ones who edited the sandbox. that would be DC-139-242.bpb.bigpond.com

So, at anyrate, if you see them changing more pages, or repeatedly deleting the sandbox, then we may have a problem. But as it stands, I think they are still ok. -Stu

Some serious [Expletive Deleted] went and messed with PrincessOfStrongbadia's UserSpace, saying she HATED Strong Bad. The Troll was h-69-3-100-127.chcgilgm.dynamic.covad.net --Lord Karkon

Im not sure who... but some people put a page in the wiki fan stuff called (insult me)?. I think Stu deleted it several times. So be on the lookout if its created again - hehehomestar

Now I know we are not 2 years old but would putting the word poo like a million times in the sandbox be acceptable?-thejeek

Would that be considered trolling: no (it is the sandbox, it is a place to test).
Would it be considered appropriate: no (as you said, "we are not 2 years old").

The sandbox is a place to figure out what all this wiki business is. Somewhere to test out code, to figure out how to place images, format text, whatever. If someone were to do that (2 million instances of any word), I would simply revert back to an old version and get on with life. If they contintued to do it, we might take action (as it would seem they were only doing it to annoy us).

Hope that helps. -Stu

It does and I have two questions. Well maybe more. Any way how do you become an administrator? Can I write people the little warning letters on their user page? Can I write down trolls on WikiTroll? - thejeek

hmmm... Becoming an admin. Let me see about that. You could paypal me a lot of money. :) ok, so that isn't such a good idea. I don't know if joey is looking for any more admins around here. As the wiki continues to grow, I am sure that we will eventually need more people with admin power, but right now it is up to him to make the call.

However, the only thing that admins can do that regular users can't, is block ips. (We can also lock and unlock pages, but since we don't have any locked at the moment that doesn't really matter). So, to answer your other questions, yes, you can write notes to users and you can add users to the list on WikiTroll. If one of us admins notices three violations from one ip, we take action.

So, keep up the good work. If you see someone messing around with pages fix em up, and toss their ip on the list. -Stu

I just busted a guy called agent 9 or something. he messed with WikiPolls. However I didn't know how to revert back to an old document so please help me out Tom. - thejeek

First off, Agent9 was voting. I fixed that, don't worry about it. Also, a line is created with four dashes, not 115. -- Tom

Sorry, at first glance it looked like trolling.-thejeek

How'd ya think I messed it up? --Agent9