Hello .. I am PirateChki! I am a . My brother is FireBird. I always see my bro on this website and it looked cool & intresting. I am a fan of Homestar & Pirates of the Caribbean! Oh, and The Simpsons!! I love Teen Squad .. I will help this website society as much as possible. My favorite Homestar Runner stuff is The Yello Dello & SB email.


I heard there was a POTC 2 casting call in Miami! I MUST GO!

Updates on me:

Now a proud secret agent of T.R.O.L.L.
Trolls must be stopped..

cheatIM1.gif I love this little guy!! :)

Post them comments down below!

~In Him~

Hello. - FireBird

thanx firebird.........:/

You like the Simpson's? I thought I was the only one who liked them on this site...

The Simpsons are awesome. How could you believe that you were the only one that liked
them. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Yea man, I'm there biggest fan. By far.- Jack Selby

You sure about that? - FireBird

Simsons are very awexome hehehomestar

Me fail english? That's unpossible! -- Um... Ralph Wiggum/JestersOfTheMoon

Who needs English? I'm never going to England! (Homer Simpson) - FireBird

If Marge's unhappy, I'm unhappy. And if I'm unhappy Moe is very happy. But for once this isn't about Moe! (Homer Simpson) -SephirothBadRel

Must kill Moe... weee ... Must Kill Moe... weee - FireBird
Hi PirateChki, what is the origin of your name. "Pirate" from POTC, but what about "Chki"?

Im a chick. A . So ya a chicki chick thing-piratechki

Thank you. I just lost five bucks, though.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Hey PirateChki!! This is awesome!! HA HA HA...no.-you know who I am-hint: McBeannie? Truesdale.

What are you doing here, Nat? It's a problem but I DONT CARE! - FireBird (long long story)

Ahoy there PirateChki! I have this friend thats kinda got a thing for girls who speak like pirates. So I was wondering, do you speak like a pirate? --BentWookiee

I try to. I try to say things like savvy, or, what say you?, just whatever Jack Sparrow says in Pirates of the Caribbean.

A savvy pirate chick, eh? That's cool. Hey you should act like the old sea captain on The Simpsons once and a while too. He's not the least bit savvy, I'm afraid. "Arr, and that's the story of the very first caramel cod... I mean Halloween." --bw

Speaking of POTC, my All-County band is playing the theme to it tommorow.
- Mysterious-Stranger


My Harpsichord Rock Band, "Insanity's Little Helpers" is better than an all's y'all other bands. I'm on the Electric harpsichord, and my imaginary back-up players (Larry and F.r.e.d.) play the bass and acustic harpsichord. My hit music class single that got a 100% is called "I forgot my Concerta today" --Lord Karkon