Hey, I'm Mike, and I discovered Home Star Runner a while back, can't remember when, but I soon found myself searching around for the history of it, why was it created, and what kind of an animal is the Cheat? I looked on Google, found some interview and sites, etc. Then I came upon this. Wow. I've been looking at it every time the site has been updated for about 2 months, wondering how the site worked, why I could edit pages. Then one day I was scrolling down and saw "First time here." Finally, I have discovered how this Wiki works!

I am on the high score list for www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.com about five times I think? Probably more. That game is awe-sum!

Also, I love the comic Bob and George and ResLife?. ResLife? has the better animation overall, and it is HILARIOUS!!! That comic cracks me up everytime. Bob and George is the legendary comic where we began inserting 6-bit characters into comics. It gets a little confusing, but don't read it for the plot, read it for the jokes!

I don't spend a lot of time on this wiki participating in all the wiki-related activities and stuff having absolutely nothing to do with homestar runner. I mostly spend time just commenting on Strong Bad e-mails and toons. Just comments. Yep . . . that's why I joined this wiki, and that's why I participate in this wiki. To distribute my knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and ramblings about H*R. Yep, just ramblings . . . and I don't really care about my name page that much, as you can see. Just ramblings . . . ramble . . . ramble ramble . . . yeah.

The most thorough Homestar Runner fan site on all the net!
--Marshie, formerly known as Rob

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--Brett Bretterson

Witches Brew!

Are you THE Mike? - JestersOfTheMoon

If you mean Mike Chapman,no. I should have thought this username through more. Sorry! - Mike

Hey! Welcome to the wiki! I'm AgentSeethroo! Join the Homestarmy!

Whoa! You're Mike?! So am I! (don't tell anyone) --Fishie McGee

HI guys! You are so cool! I wish I was like you and not like Strong Sad..
Homesar Wannabe