Well guys, the best have left the site, and I have better things to do. So like Heir_of_Lindeen, I shall pull an Aria

The Mysterious Stranger rides into the sunset.

Mirror of my userspace

If you surf around the net, you can see me under the following names:

The Mysterious-Shamus;
The Guy-Who-Reminds-People-Of-Elijah-Wood;

The Mysterious Stranger rode into the sunset, never to return to the town of Wiki again.

Adios, dude. I'm gonna miss ya'.
-- FireBird

Remember that I created the first text adventure...
I'll miss 'ya too, and I'll say hello every odd time.

Stranger? have you gotten any of my emails? can you give us a link to one of those places of one of those names? cuz i searched for them on google but i couldnt find them... -ARIA DE FLUTE PLAYER

Aria, try this, this is my address: (vantage101@comcast.net). And I have not gotten your emails, and I have sent you emails. Have you got them? Those name are not domain names, just names that pop up now and then that will probably be me, that's all.

Aria, I fixed my e-mail account and I did get your emails, I don't want you to forget that.