well, this is me, AKA DeltaZ113
pay no attention to this space
---talk here---

so... me


bkmlb, I'm warning you... don't reinstate that link. - Jweb Guru

I won't, I was just having fun :D. I also wanted to get YOU really mad! (just kidding)--bkmlb

Good. I just wanted to make sure, since you kept putting it back, that you wouldn't keep doing it. I'm sorry if it seemed to be a threat. Which it possibly could have been, I don't remember much about that. - An Apologetic Jweb Guru

So tell me Lem, is the book, This Book is Better that First, Second and Quite Possible Even Third Base really all it is cracked up to be? - Heir_of_Lindeen
Well lindenberg, I think so. this book really is better than First, Second and Quite Possible Even Third Base. I have thousands of celebrity testimonials telling me that this book saved their life from a train tressel. you cant argue with stars.