YO! I BE TIGHT! TIGHTER THEN YA'LL, FO RIZZLE! I also like homsar a lot! DaAaAaAaAaAa!!!!!! I was raised by a cup of coffee! Homsar is my idol!

Post yo comments here, dawg! I be keepin' it real, ya'll!

Do you like Strong Bad (dawg) ?
da princess

Yes, I be a-likin' da strong bad 24/7!
Stinkoman X
P.S.(dawg) Why would I name-a myself after his futurizzle counterpart if I didn't like him, yo yo yo?

Stinkoman X, are you a poser? -- Gemini

No man, I'm down!
Stinkoman X

Down with Second to last place! (for grammar) Ding!

Did you know that the word "Dawg" means "{expletive deleted}" or "{expletive deleted}"? -Lord Karkon

No..sorry if I offended any one...
Stinkoman X

Homsar's my idol 2!(except for Strong Bad,Strong Mad,and The Cheat)

Homsar is okay, and I really don't like Strong Bad Sorry, Stinkoman k is better than SB
- Mysterious-Stranger

YOU DO NOT LIKE STRONGBAD????!!! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF THIS WEBSITE!! Jk. But, Strongbad is awesome no matter what u say!-PirateChki

Yeah really man what's up with you.-LimoZeener

He is a self-centered egotist whom I disagree with morally.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Hey dawg whats happenin in the hometown ? Did I say that right? - FireBird (just joking, by the way)

Please use proper English. It makes a page more readable and makes me feel less like I want to strangle and/or stab you. Also, Stranger, "self-centered" and "egotist" are redundant. -CE5

OK, I won't
Stinkoman X

EXACTLY! I was hoping someone would catch on. (I'm surrounded by stupid people!)
- Mysterious-Stranger

I shall try to reform these "idiots" that surround you. heh heh heh...

Are you Tom, because in WikiChat/8-bithomestar sprites you call yourself Stinkoman X but it says it was started by Tom. Just curious. ~Rainer~

Tom wouldn't use "hip-hop" language. Imagine Tom saying Dawg! That would be funny. - FireBird be tight, yo