Nice work on StrongBadEmail/couch patch/TranScript, Tom. :) -- InterruptorJones

Thank you! That means a lot. -- Tom

Why'd you remove the links to the characters in the Answering Machine Transcript 10.2? -- Gemini

Well Gemini, this was done by InterruptorJones at 03:45:34 on Monday, March 8th. I actually find all the links a bit much as well, but I didn't change it. All I did was add a comment in response to TheDoggy. -- Tom

comment: Dude! You should have watched Wrestlemania 20!

Uhh... Okay ninjaman. -- Tom

Hehe, thanks for finding that "Not The 100th Email!" cartoon. It is hilarious! I never would have tried to go there because I have been for the past three weeks, and nothing has shown up except for that cartoon today. ~ Pomx2

My pleasure, Pomx2. -- Tom

Hey guys! I stumbled across "Not The 100th Email!" a few hours after Tom did. I posted a summary on [Metastar] and then looked around to see if anyone else had found it and found you guys. It's a bit sobering to know that you may have cheesed of Strong Bad, for real *eep*
Don'thaveausernameyet,stillfiguringthisout :)

Well, I'm glad to see I've got some independant confirmation. Thanks... dude. Or dude-ette. And I don't think Strong Bad is cheesed off, he is just taunting me... I mean us. -- Tom

Hey man, thanks for the compliment on my transcript. -- Gemini

Hey, I give credit where credit is due. I mean, you had the correct number of "E's" in "WIDESCREEEEEEEEEEEEN," for goodness sakes! -- Tom

(And for those of you who do not know what we are talking about, check out StrongBadEmail/flashback/TranScript.)

lol, yeah, counting them all out took some doing. I kept losing my place :) -- Gemini

Hey Tom, Thanks for being bored enough to find not the 100th email. It is all that got me through monday. - Heir_of_Lindeen

The pleasure was all mine, Heir_of_Lindeen. All mine. -- Tom

This may seem kind of random but are you the brother's chaps? - Heir_of_Lindeen

This one intrigues me. Why do you ask that, Heir_of_Lindeen? -- Tom

Because I believe it is entirly possible that they are one of the users on this site. You seemed kind of suspicious as you found that not the 100th eamil thing at 2 in the morning. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Well, I appreciate the compliment, but no, I am not The Brothers Chaps. I found StrongBadEmail/Not the 100th Email!!! because I am a very big fan of [H*]. I put the information and transcript here as soon as I could because I am also a very big fan of the HomestarRunnerWiki. I wrote the "Explanation" on the page and I think it nicely puts how it all went down. But thank you, Heir_of_Lindeen, it is nice to be confused with some people that I hold in very high regard. -- Tom

Tom, you are obviously deaf. In the Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, I definetly hear the word "I". -CE5

Okay, CE5. You can vote for that in the WikiPoll. -- Tom

Tom -- thanks for helping me with Demo Strong Bad. Every Wiki has its own etiquette, and I'm treading lightly until I get a feel for this one. -- dsandler 29-mar-2004

You are welcome, sir. And welcome! I have to like somebody who talks etiquette. I like etiquette. You're going to have a good time here. -- Tom

You remind me of PomPom. A nice guy, who is everyone's friend.
Your Buddy,
Homestar, I mean Another Fan

Another Fan, that's great! Thanks for this wonderful compliment. I really take stuff like this to heart. It's comments like this that keep me going. -- Tom

Giving compliments make me feel good too but I really mean it.

See? Another Fan's right, it's a win-win for everybody! -- Tom

Hey, Tom. About the Strong Bad is in Jail Transcript: Couldn't there just be a footnote saying there's some dispute whether it's "Yeah. No." or "Yeah, I know." ?


P.S. It's "Yeah. No."

Footnote added, just for you, Milkman. - Jweb Guru

Yes, I just saw that this was done and I am very happy with the result. Wonderful job, Jweb Guru. I like your style. -- Tom

Why, thank you, Tom. You haven't done such a bad job yourself - rather an excellent one, on the contrary. I'm hoping for a claim to fame with an email sometime soon (read: tonight), but until then I might as well write footnotes. - Jweb Guru

Thank you, that means a lot, Jweb Guru. Really, it does. But hey, you don't need to do your own transcript, though that's cool. You could fix up one of the others. Look at what I just did for StrongBadEmail/caffeine/Transcript and you'll see what I mean. With your knack for fixing stuff, it should be easy. -- Tom

Yes, that's what I plan to do - mostly. I'm just hoping to have at least one Strong Bad email to my name. 'Twould greatly improve my feeling of worth. Nice retranscription, incidentally. Stay ye cool. - Jweb Guru P.S. Possibly we should let another user get a word in edgewise before continuing this thread of conversation? Just a thought.

Yeah, okay. -- Tom

Hey Tom, what's the deal with replacing stuff on the WeeklyFanStuff with images on your own server? Can't you just let this wiki be edited by everyone like it's supposed to be?

Uh... what are you talking about Mr. I do put images that I host there. And anyone is free to put new ones there. I don't understand how my hosting images is a problem. Oh, and by the way, I don't suck. -- Tom

Yeahh!! -TallAndMerciless

I don't have a problem with it. Tom is cool, he would not do anything that would be bad for us as a communitee, or however it is spelled. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Incidentally, I did figure out what he was talking about. I must have replaced ["his" image] (found that in my cache, by the way), with [this one]. I'm such a meanie. -- Tom

You little #$@#! How could you do such a thing. I hope sure hope you're sorry because if you're not... - Heir_of_Lindeen

Hey, Thomas, I hope you don't mind that I added a comments page for you.
Agent "Neurotic" Seethroo

Yeah, we'll see how I like it. But seriously, you shouldn't mess with someone else's UserSpace. You're lucky I like you. -- Tom

Good, I just breathed a huge sigh of relief. I'll either ask permission or just make a suggestion in the future.

Hey, Tom, I need your opinion. Do you think Lem Sportsinterviews is a character or more of an inside joke? I think he belongs in inside jokes, but before I move it and tick people off, I wanted to get some more opinions.

Hmm Agent... that's a tough one. I know he isn't a reject. I would probably have to go with Inside Joke. I mean he's never actually been in a toon or something interacting with other characters. He is just referred to as an author, producer, artist, or owner of something. Let's see what Jweb Guru and Stu have to say, since I noticed that you asked them the same question. I mean personally, I like to stay out of the whole "Rejected" and related debate. I really don't have time for that. Maybe I will during the summer. I do think we need to come up with a really clear set of rules on where to put stuff though. It will just take time to develop it. I'll put that high on my "Wiki stuff to do list". -- Tom

Hey Thomas, do you want to be a soldier for Squad 2, Camp A, for Agent9's Homestarmy? - Commando

No. -- Tom

Wow. That was the most frustrating Wiki experience EVER! Thanks for the backup. Agent "Still the Troll Sniper" Seethroo

Perhaps. Nice job, AgentSeethroo. I just happened to notice, so I told Jones on our IRC channel. -- Tom

Tommy, I have never seen someone so dedicated to the wiki. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I am glad to have you here on this wiki. - Fire "Thank-You Tom" Bird

Thanks for this wonderful compliment, FireBird. I really appreciate it. -- Tom

Yes, he maintains his dutiful number one bandwidth position very nicely indeed. As you can see, all of our achievements pale before his mighty rampages across the surface of this Wiki - editing and fixing vandalism wherever he goes. - Jweb "The Fifth Guy" Guru

Tom, is it necassary to move all usercomments pages? I mean, they're just fine where they are. -Moron!

CE5, I'm not sure I understand your question. Did I ever say it was necessary? Where did I even say anything about it? What exactly are you talking about? -- Tom

Hey, Tom, sorry I didn't delete that fake email someone put up...
It looked wierd to me, but I'm at work, so I couldn't verify on H*R.

Hey, it's okay, Agent. He/she was just trying to be crafty. I have to wonder though, who would want to do something like that? Do they think it's funny or something? -- Tom

I also wonder why no one else caught it. I know other users were online...Oh well.
Did you notice they didn't spell "potato" correctly?

Yeah, I saw that. It might have been an attempt at referencing morning routine. Of course, they bungled that too. -- Tom

Hi, Tom!

I was very angry with CE5, because we had many problems with his IP's. I said to him: "You, my friend, are a part of the problem. And you're worse than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden!", because he is a very bad boy. Please, block him!!!!

Kindness regards,
Maudi Algabban (now in Täby, Stockholms län, Sweden)

Hey there, Maudi. Yeah, CE5 has been banned, so you don't have to worry about it. The Admins have a special tool we use to ban an IP, and the Blocked IPs page is just a listing of the ones we have blocked. Everything has been taken care of. By the way, since I have you here, have you gotten around to setting up a UserSpace yet? Perhaps ((Maudi Algabban)) would work? You should think about that. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me. -- Tom

The note you left for Mecha Fox on his alias page has been there for sometime now. I know he has been online several times since you posted it. I have seen nothing to suggest he is about to act on it. How long do we let him go?
-The Brothers E

Perhaps, but that note leads to a page where it is discussed that he wants his username changed to M'Fox. It's not a matter of letting it go, per se. It's more like we would fix it for him. So if you are going to fix it for him, you would need to follow the steps on the WikiChat/Aliases page. Deleting the M'Fox page doesn't fit into those steps. -- Tom

I think Jweb already made an attempt to "fix" this. He spent a while changing the links and everything, and Mecha Fox changed it back. I certainly don't wish to waste time on a project that will be erased.
The Brothers "I realize this sounds a little whiny and I apologize" E

Yes, you are exactly right. It is for this reason that I want to have a confirmation from M'Fox/Mecha Fox before we change anything. -- Tom

Ah. Okay. So how long is it appropriate to wait? If he nevers answers (which I realize is an extreme-case scenario), what should we do (or what should we do should this ever happen)? Should an executive decision be made? If so, by who?
-The Brothers E

Yeah, we can wait a little longer. Just bug me about it in a week or so and I'll give you that "executive decision" so we can fix it. I think we should treat these things on a case-by-case basis, and if something like this happens again with someone else, evaluate the circumstances then and not now. -- Tom

Thank you very much. -E

Hey, no problem. -- Tom

Thank you for fixing my name like everywhere in the WikiUserInfo and other places, and this is the first time I contributed a major part to an SB Email, I did all the Easter Eggs for theme park while you did the Transcript. BTW, nice job on that Transcript. DeLoreanz1

Thank you. -- Tom

Thank you also for putting up with all my incorrect crap on some pages, this is my first day on this wiki as an editor, I've been a viewer for about a month. This is my first day, so that's why I've appeared so busy here today. I need to learn....thank you again for correcting all my crap. I'm sorry for the extra work on your part. And sorry for commenting multiple times like this. Please forgive me. DeLoreanz1

Have you look at the pages linked to in the WikiGettingStarted page? They give explicit instructions on how to edit pages correctly. Also, on the HomestarRunnerWiki, there's really no need for pages about DeLoreans. You might want to check out the WikiPedia entries for [DeLorean] and [John Delorean] if you really want to create and edit pages in a wiki setting about DeLoreans. -- Tom

Please look at my UserSpace and look at the bottom of the page. Feel free to answer there. I will delete this entry, the entry on my UserSpace and your answer as soon as you respond. DeLoreanz1

Okay there, buddy. Go have a look. And never delete anything on any UserSpace that isn't yours. -- Tom

Tom, can you tell me how to move things? I want a new username but I like the 1936 text quest I made. what should I do? - The Conductor

Why would you want a new username? The Conductor is clever. Moving twenty-one pages, especially with all those subpages, is really hard to do. And then you would have to fix the twenty-nine pages the have "The Conductor" on them. So... think it over. -- Tom

Thanks for adding those pictures for me, I guess you already know I can't do it at work. I actually added those so I could just do a search on [no screenshot] when I get home and add them then. Thanks for the help on that. -Hobophobic

Hey, no problem. I love taking screenshots. I also have the space to host them, so it is a win-win kind of deal. -- Tom

K, I think I'm going to just keep doing that and if you just happened to keep adding screenshots, that would be pretty cool. -Hobophobic

Great. That would be fantastic. -- Tom

Tom, I found ( had deleted everything on the H*R Wiki main page. I restored the page and added the user to the WikiTroll list. What else do I need to do, if anything? DeLoreanz1

Yes, you did everything exactly right. Good job. -- Tom

Also, can I join the T.R.O.L.L., and what do I have to do if I do join? DeLoreanz1

Honestly, I don't see the point in having that. It's a page where a bunch of people have their names listed. That's pretty much it. It also confuses people because it does not really follow the OnceAndOnlyOnce idea. Every Wiki user should know how to restore a page and add a DNS name to the WikiTroll page. It's usually the person that is here at the time of the trolling (or notices it first) that fixes it. So basically, the WikiTroll page is the Wiki's official page for dealing with trolls and that other page is really... just... not. -- Tom

I liked how you transcribed Theme Park. I am new here and I want to be your friend - Mystery Helper

Thanks, Mr. "Mystery Person Who I Have No Idea Who It Could Really Be". It's interesting how you singled me out like this with your request for friendship... interesting indeed. -- Tom

Just so you know, you're the man and I don't have nearly as much time on my hands as you appear to have or else I would be helping you out in a sec.
-The Brothers "Last post before I go to clean my room" E

Thank you, The Brothers E. -- Tom

We all like AgentSeethroo! - FireBird

You should have made it in WikiFanStuff. - FireBird

Uh... okay FireBird. I just moved these. Please don't add comments to discussions that happened a while ago. It doesn't work. -- Tom

Then nevermind. Can I delete them? - FireBird

Nope. -- Tom

Why do you always delete things in the sandbox? The sandbox is for anything. - FireBird

Interesing that you ask this, as just yesterday I restored the sandbox from a complete deletion. Anyway, our WikiSandbox is not for other people to put their links in. People do this to boost their Google ratings. I remove them because it is in poor taste for us to boost the ratings of some other site we have nothing to do with. Especially because some of the content of some of those sites is questionable. -- Tom

Got it. - FireBird

Hey Tom! Thanks for telling me how to correctly organize my User Space into subpages! I had no idea that I was doing t wrong.-Homsar Runner

No problem. -- Tom

Tom, Ithink we should seperate Easter Eggs and Fun Facts. I am under a secret identity right now and will never return to my old one. Anyhow please help me with this. - Mystery Helper

Right. Real secret. Anyway... why? -- Tom

DO you know who I am ? Any way Sometimes when I see an email I only want to know the actual Easter Eggs and not the fun facts and sometimes they say Easter Eggs but there is only Fun Facts. - Mystery Helper

Of course I know who you are. And is this fun fact thing a real big problem for you? I mean, does it warrant the creation of an additional 150-something pages? And all that work? There are headings separating the two already, and that is sufficient enough for me. -- Tom

Good job on these Trolls, Mr. Bombadil, I was just looking at the Blocked IPs page and seen how many you've done. Nice job! - FireBird

Sure thing. But I'm hardly an [enigma]. -- Tom

Some pretty much deleted the sandbox, but I reverted it. It was almost trolling, but not quite. -- AwesomeGuy

Okay. -- Tom

Hey, Tom, would it be okay If I searched for "KoT" in the search box and changed all instances of ((KoT)) to ((King of Town|KoT)) so that we could not have an alias for ((King of Town))? It would just help to keep the Wiki somewhat organized and easier to understand. DeLoreanz1

Okay, De Lorean, this is a wiki. Do whatever you want (unless it's trolling). I think it would be great if you did that! Sorry to answer your question, Tom, hope it's okay. - FireBird

Uh, you'd have to search for all the instances of "KoT", and not ((The King Of Town|KoT)) to find what you want to find. And you would have to change them to ((The King of Town)) or ((The King of Town|KoT)) or !KoT and not ((King of Town)), since the page with the leading "The" is the correct page. But yeah, knock yourself out. -- Tom

Yeah, I searched for KoT and I've done a crapload of pages already, but I'm getting there. It could be considered knocking myself out due to the number of pages it is abbreviated this way on. DeLoreanz1

Yeah, the reason it is like that is because the word KoT is a WikiWord. Some people type it without knowing it is going to be linked. -- Tom

YES! I am finished with all the changing! I finished about a half-hour ago, and took a lunch break. BTW, I did not link unlinked KoT names, because they would have been linked in the first place if it was necessary. Someone who is NOT John DeLorean

Okay, buddy. Good work. -- Tom

I take that comment as highly offensive. I still don't even know why I was banned in the first place, and it seems that the only reason that I'm a nuisance is that I'm somehow still able to get on. I don't understand why it's such a big deal to keep me off, as I haven't done anything that can be considered trolling. How about you just tell me what I did to get banned, and I'll stop doing it? That seems better than wasting all your time trying to keep me off. -CE5

You have to consider the source. CE5, I'm not about to spell out to you everything here on my comments page. Send me or JoeyDay an email so one of us can explain it to you. -- Tom

I can't use that email program! -CE5

What do you mean "that email program"? I didn't say anything about a particular email program. Are you saying you are not capable of sending and receiving email at all? I know you registered for the forum using an email address. I won't put it here, but it's Can you use that? -- Tom

CE, You could always get a yahoo or hotmail account. Agent "Tryin' to help" Seethroo

You could also use AIM if both of you have it. -Shopiom

Tom, what the crap happened? I thought I was unbanned! Why is my userpage locked? What is your problem? -CE5

You were never unbanned, CE5. This was a unanimous decision among all of the site administrators, not just Tom. Don't assume that your being able to access the site for awhile means you've been unbanned. It doesn't, and you won't be, ever. Cope with it and move on. Thanks. -- InterruptorJones

Well, for a few weeks, I'd occasionally be able to get on, but then be rebanned 10 seconds later. I assumed that, since that didn't happen this time, I was unbanned. I would also like to add that I have no idea why I was banned in the first place. -CE5

I'm sorry for trolling, TommyBoy. -Maudi Algabban

Bye, Tom. I just wanted to post this as a Thank-You. The thank-you is for when you talked to FireBird that one time he thought I had deleted Yaanu's Text Adventure. Thanks. I have to leave now, remembering what my userspace says.

tom, sholud i delete the ATTENTION SPAMMERS at the top of the sand box. it might discourage people from coming hre if they think they are spammers -kingofhomsaria

No. Read the entire notice. It explains everything. -- Tom

Tom, do you know who Blake Stone is? I am not making it up, and I will not stop!
- Uknown

Yes, I know who Blake Stone is. You simply cannot infer the entire plot of a game based on an image which appears for less than two seconds. I'll bet a lot of games have a picture of a guy holding a gun on the cover. That doesn't mean they were all based on the plot of some game. I'd really like to know where on [H*] it says that the plot of Duck Guardian 2 is "that you are infiltrating a buisiness [sic] company that is misusing ducks, and you are a secret agent from a secret orginization [sic] to save the ducks. Oh, and chances are you will fight human and mutant alike, find secret passage ways, and destroy the head of the Abusing company, with a vast assortment of weapons from laser handguns to laser bazookas!" Sorry pal, but you made that up. Seriously. -- Tom

Hi, Tom. ~ Agent Josh

Hey, what's going on with your IP? It was for as long as I can remember. Then recently it is What's happening? DeLoreanz1

He may be getting online at different places, like his house, a library, a computer lab at his college, a friend's house, etc., etc., etc.

...the oval office, prison, the Catholic girls' school, a voting booth, the YMCA, etc., etc., etc. -- InterruptorJones

Exactly! ~ AgentSeethroo

Hmm. I might start holding back from my usual "immediate response" to comments on this page. It seems like other people have much better answers then my own. And least much more interesting and funnier answers. And hi AgentSeethroo. -- Tom

Aw, come on, Tom. You can be funny, too! I know! I've seen you be funny once! ~ AgentSeethroo

Oh, I've got tons of funny. -- Tom

*Glares at Tom* Oh yeah?? Bring it on, Mr. Funny-Britches!
Britches is a stupid word

Uh... Okay. -- Tom

I was guessing, dude.
- Uknown

Yeah... that's making it up. So why did you think you were not making it up? -- Tom

Am I allowed to name my UserName Homestar? It would fix a lot. - The Conductor

Absolutely not. Under no circumstance what-so-ever would you be allowed to do that. Ever. How could you even fathom that as fixing anything? What would it "fix" anyway? Perhaps I'm just not understanding what you are saying here, The Conductor. Please explain. -- Tom

In his defense, I think he's referring to the constant Homestar links that we're plagued with. ~ AgentSeethroo

Uh... so what is he going to do though? Change his username in his Preferences to "Homestar"? That is not allowed. Just think for a moment what that would do. Every page he edits would link to the "Homestar" reference page. That is counter-productive. It would add more "Homestar" links to the ones we are trying to fix. And you can't even fix those links, since they are not on a page. I think that would confuse people further. But again, I might not be understanding what The Conductor means. I'd like for him to explain. -- Tom

I'd admit it's confusing, people writing HomeStar to link to Homestar Runner to find a user, but you wouldn't have to fix those links. You've already said no, so I think I'll just forget about it. - The COnductor

What do you mean we wouldn't have to fix those links? People linking to the "Homestar" page expect their link to go to a page about "Homestar", not "The Conductor". That would completely change the meaning of what people said. Just think about it. "User A" wrote a comment three months ago linking to the "Homestar" page because he didn't know that it wasn't the Homestar Runner page. If you carried out your plan, his link would now go to your UserSpace. That would not fix anything. It would create a new problem. That's bad. -- Tom

Hey Tommy-boy, go [here.]
- Uknown

Uh... why? What site is this? The link is broken, Uknown. -- Tom

I was lookign at the deleted pages list and i noticed you deleted Duck Gaurdian 2 and said it was made up. Its not, SB Holds the game box up in the Faqs page. - [[droffats]]

Yes, but that kind of small reference is not really deserving of its own page. It would have a perfectly happy home in the rejects section.
-The Brothers E

Ah ha. droffats, if you scroll up a little bit, you can actually see Uknown and I discussing this. I know the game isn't made up. Strong Bad holds it up one-third of the time in the FAQ, like you said. However, the content on the page, which I happened to copy and paste up above, was entirely made up by Uknown. See for yourself, it's what's in quotes in my "Yes, I know who Blake Stone is" comment. You can even check the history of the deleted page if you hurry. That is why I deleted the page, and that's why I left what I did in the "Summary of change" box. Anyhow, I think the information contained on the Email/FrequentlyAskedQuestions page is entirely sufficient for a 1.5 second appearance. If you wanted to add a description of the box on that page, I suppose you could, but a page for it is really pretty much out of the question. Especially an incorrect page at that. But it is very good of you to notice things like this and to question them. Keep up the good work! -- Tom

What the heck went on with TimMierz and some other IP this morning?? And the sudden barrage of trolling? I don't get it. DeLoreanz1

You can go through all of the document histories to check it you'd like, DeLoreanz1. I can't explain it. -- Tom

I can't really describe it either. It seems like they're TRYING to get banned. Just take a glance at the conversation on the Blocked IPs page. And the sudden changes of "butt" to a certain replacement, they're trying to get banned. But I just, even if I check histories, don't understand it. There's some kind of conversation and crap going on in histories, I'll just try to figure it out. DeLoreanz1

This individual had some sort of interesting motive behind his/her actions. That's all I know. I'll let you know if I find out anything else. -- Tom

Just to clear my name, I was trying to restore what some troll did. I did not troll, this other person did. He was extremely immature and it's not an interesting enough story to merit attention. I just fixed everything he changed, and he seemed oblivious to the Recent Changes page, as he was "impressed" that I found what he defaced so quickly. -- TimMierz

Oh, of course Tim. I'm sorry if you got any other impression from what I've said here. I know you were the good guy. I checked every single edit on all of those pages, and read every bit of conversation that went back and forth between the two of you. I think DeLoreanz1 might just be a little confused. But don't worry, you're the hero on this one. Xhad and you did exactly what you were supposed to. -- Tom

No, I wasn't confused. I could tell it was going on between Tim and the other guy, but I wasn't trying to pin it on him. When I said "they're" in the above comment, I was referring to the troll. Sorry for confusions. DeLoreanz1

Hey, Tom, I just read the Archives Museum again, and just wanted to tell you you did an awesome jorb on that page.
What kind of updating are you going to do on it in the future?

Hmm... we're all just going to have to wait and see. And thanks, AgentSeethroo. -- Tom

Hey Tom. I just wanted to say that you are really cool. Whenever I check out the recent updates page, there's like a thousand consecutive pages running down the list all updated by you! Man, you do alot of work on this site and you do it well. Keep up the great jorb. - M.J

Yeah, I'm just doing my thing. Thank you for the wonderful praise, M.J. And I'm exactly twelve hours behind you here on the East Coast of the United States. And yes, Matt Chapman is a very good looking man. Preow. -- Tom

This has been on my mind for a while, but I have to say...Your "Summary of change" box's history has to be huge!! Like in the Summary of change if I type 'Added A Comment' it's there later so I don't have to type it. So yours must be huge!! This probably sounds like a stupid and random question

Hmm... I suppose it is. Huge. Very huge. -- Tom

On another hand, what possible motive would Maudi Algabban have for trolling the HomestarRunnerWiki (multiple times) today? DeLoreanz1

I let you know when I find out myself. Something just doesn't seem right about that... -- Tom

Hey Tom. It's Me again. I was wondering if I could create a fact file on
Matt Chapman on his page. There are alot of things I have read about him,
(as I am an obsessed Matt Chapman fan) just little facts and stuff, and I thought maybe I should include them on the wiki. What do you think?
I thought I'd better ask you, as you are usually the one to delete un-nessesary...
un-nessecary... un-nessescary... unnessasomething... not needed pages.

I think I can field this one. It's a Wiki, so we usually avoid telling people not to create pages they think will be useful. And as long as a page is actually useful, we won't delete it. In order to make sure your page is useful and not crufty, here are my suggestions:
  1. Keep it organized. Make sure it looks good and is easy to read.
  2. Be mindful of spelling and grammar. I know I'm not the only whose has a knee-jerk reaction to bad Englilsh.
  3. Make sure it's accurate. If you're stating facts, cite your source. Things like "I heard somewhere that Matt Chapman like apricots" are baleetion fodder.
That's all I got. -- InterruptorJones

I don't care for apricots. I'm more of an apple guy. M.J, everything InterruptorJones put here is correct. So... get to work. -- Tom

YAY! I can hardly wait. I don't care for apricots either actually. Come to think of it, I'm not much of a fruit eater. Just gimme some vegimite toast anyday mate! - M.J

Okay, just make sure you cite your sources. This stuff is prone to heavy scrutiny. We don't want to have something wrong about him. I mean, I had to prove that thing about the vinegar toast that one time... -- Tom

Tom, should we make a "First, Last or Only Toons" page? Like on it, we could list the first, last or only thing to do or show something. We could have "StrongBadEmail/tape-leg was the first email not to have the word 'email' in the intro song." Or "Decemberween in July/Kid's Book is the first blatant reference to alcohol." Or, "StrongBadEmail/Anything is the only email that does not feature Strong Bad." DeLoreanz1

I think just having that kind of stuff on each toon's Easter Egg page is sufficient. OnceAndOnlyOnce, you know? -- Tom

Hey, Tom, I'm sorry I was so hyperactive on the WikiChat. It's the first time I was on a chat thing that I didn't have someone watching me or just typing to aunts or uncles, etc. Can you unban me? I can't get back on the channel. Please can I get back on? - CE1

Yup. -- Tom

YAY I have finished it TOM!!! I am so proud. It is the first wikipage I have ever completed on my own (other than my userspace of course.) Well ok, I guess it wasn't ALL on my own, you gave me some really good ideas, thanks Tom. You are a champ.
Do you think there's anything I missed or need to add etc?
- Matt's secret stalker...OH! what? I mean uh, this is not um, M.J typing uh, right now... doooo this is the dial tone doooo.

Wow. Looks great, M.J. I love that black and white photo. In fact, I uploaded it [here] so that it doesn't get lost. -- Tom

Tom, I found... uh... lawbreakers... I guess... other than me, Crap, and um... AgentNine. It's this guy Strongrad also has a username called...HomeschoolDJ. There's also...bkmlb... he and Lord Hallstingdingdingworth
are the same...yeah. - I'll go back into the corner.

Thanks, but each one of those people has already been contacted. In some cases months ago, in fact. And in other cases, on more than one occasion. You see, the real problem is that people don't just sit down and fix the problem. They decide they want a new name, change their preferences, make a new page, and that's it. What I try to have people understand is that part of the decision should be that one will sit down and do the work required of them. Not just to allow other people to do it for them or to keep putting it off. If you can't do the work required for completing the change, then you shouldn't attempt to make the change. It's really about taking responsibility for one's choices, but I think people fail to see that. We even had an entire page devoted to ridding the Wiki of this problem. See WikiChat/Aliases. And I still don't understand why people feel the need to change their username. -- Tom

Yo, Tom.
I gots a question. I wanna post some of my pics on my UserSpace, but I'm afraid they might be all hruge. A couple are over a meg in size.
Also, what's up with the FTP? If I type, I get some kinda wierd file system on my browser...I know someone mentioned FTP in the past, but nothing's been said much since then. So, can we use it?

Yeah, those images would be way too big. Send me an email and we'll see what we can work out. -- Tom

Tom, is there any way for me to start a discussion about Tiger Woods 2004 other than in the forum, because I don't want to register for the forum, what with giving your email and crap. A Time Machine That Plays TW2004 Better Than Anyone At Church!!

This isn't the HelpDesk. But the answer to your questions is no. It's not going to kill you to put your e-mail address on the form. You can always remove it after you're registered. Or use any one of the many free e-mail alias (e.g. [SpamGourmet]) sites. Bite the bullet. -- InterruptorJones