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About Me: I'm Male, Strong Bad is my favorite character, I'm single (lol), my AIM Screen Name is Huttah93, my username at strongfans.com is Huttah, my MSN Messenger Screen NAme is TheDoggy, I've registered to so many forums and wikis i cant possible keep up with all of this, i'm very busy, and thats about all you need to know about me

same as the doggy, but i needed a new one.

Will your mirrors page hold the old Homestar Runner toons no longer on the site?
-The Brothers E

And I should be able to get toons that aren't on the site. Don't take off the Secret Pages, I think if you keep em, i can get em on [My Site].

If you havent gotten copyrights on that game and CD, then you could easily be sued. Just to tell you. - FireBird

how do i get the copyrights?

how should i know? i just know that if you do this without them, you'll probably be sued if they find out. I have a feeling Inturupter Jones knows, though... he knows everything. - FireBird

You know, this discussion is going on right now on strongfans.com! I was talking about my Poopsmith to the Limit CD. They said TBC shouldn't care, since the only 'actual' leagal stuff they have is on the site. -dog

I think they would definetly care. Using their creation to make a profit... I would care. - FireBird

That's why I keep telling you: Don't market the game! You could get in big trouble for copyright entanglement. The game can't be on a CD, a download, or anything else you can market. Just make it like the games on [H*R]. Make a link to it. -CE5

How did you think of your name? Comanche

how old are you? you sound like an enthusiastic young 4th grader with a plan to make trading cards off of homestar just like I wanted to with teenage mutant ninja turtles. --Clever Dan

To Comanche: The name came up in my head, ok next! (heh)
To Clever Dan: i'm 11 when i was in 5th grade i was doing jr. high work (i'm sthmart!) now i'm in 6th grade, doing, well, 6th grade jr. high work!
Also to Comanche: On the game Team Fortress it's my name, only i'm in 3 groups, i'm in trouble if 2 of the group decide to fight each other! so my name is ]TL[the doggy*[ND-NH]. anyways, my reputation kept goin down the drain, new name, noone knows! I started with a simple ]TL[P0D (i created ]TL[) then i changed to ]TL[Y0uR_V1rUs(P0D), and now i am my current. Ok, i gave you my life story. :D --((TheDoggy|dog)
P.S. if you ever need any songs or movie making tips, drop an email by jdsiegler@semo.net, personnaly i think it should be chipanddalerock@semo.net i like chip n' dale SINGING so much!