I'm a long-time H*R fan (since the time of SBE StrongBadEmail/little questions), and I am near-obsessed with it. This wiki is a perfect way to learn more and give others information. I've been here for a couple weeks (found it from the They Might Be Giants Wiki, www.tmbw.net), but just now joined.

Redemption is a fun Christian card game, and the best-selling Christian game of any genre... ever. Check out my Homestar Runner Redemption cards at http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/redcards/ ... a lot of Redemption players are Homestar fans, including the creator of the game and just about everyone at the company, not to mention lots of the playing community.

Hey! Welcome to the Wiki! ~ AgentSeethroo

Is it a coincedence that they all like H*R? That's kind of funny. You should send those cards to the creator, and they might publish them and give you some of the profits. You never know, it's possible. In conclusion, welcome to the wiki! -Hagurumon

I hope you don't think I was pinning that troll's crap on you. When I said 'they're' in Tom's comment page, I meant the troll. Sorry for confusions. DeLoreanz1

No problems at all, I just didn't want future readers to get the wrong impression, that's all. No worries. -TimMierz