Strong Bad with an old [Casio VL-Tone] keyboard for a head in his KAH-RAAAAZY cartoon. When he gets mad, his keyboard head plays music.

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Reviews of the VL-Tone, the keyboard on which Strong Bad's head is based:

I'm not sure this is a good title because "Demo Strong Bad" plays more than the demo...maybe "Casio Strong Bad", since the keyboard is the Casio VL-1. --furrykef

This issue has been brought up in the past, and the Admins decided that it should stay "Demo Strong Bad". I think there may have been a poll regarding this as well.

Actually, AgentSeethroo is only partially right. Here's how it all went down: The page was (almost) always called Demo Strong Bad. Then back in the first week of May 2004, someone came along and changed it to "Strong Bad Casio". In fact, that page still exists. I noticed later in the day that the person simply copied the contents of this page (kind of) and moved them over there. So I deleted that page, since that person did not change any links to this page. Meaning they really didn't do any of the hard work they should do if they rename a page. Anyway, that person restored the page a few times and left me a note. So that page is still there. And so is my response to them. There wasn't any poll and there certainly wasn't any decision made by the admins. (On a sidenote: I kind of always have a chuckle about this page because way back the page was called "Strong Bad Demo". I helped a nice user change it to "Demo Strong Bad" back in March of 2004. Heh heh.) I'm cool with leaving it as Demo Strong Bad. You might want to merge the other page into it though. -- Tom

Well, partially right is way better than completely frickin' wrong! AgentSeethroo

I think the name is fine, after all, Strong Bad says it "plays a demo", so its recognisable in that sense... unless you want to change it to "Keyboard Head Strong Bad"... --jeffthejiff

I've merged in some of the details from Strong Bad Casio, and added a mention of his latest appearance. Feel free to adjust as you see fit. --codeman38