STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad!! Cheerleader (two piece!)! So and So (one piece!)! What's Her Face (same clothes!)! The Ugly One (three piece?!!)!

What's Her Face: I got a postcard!

What's Her Face (reading): Dear the one with baggy pants:
WE'RE ON SPRING BREAK! We tried to call you but we forgot. We are having WAY too much fun and we'll try to remember to bring you a shell or some sand.

What's Her Face (turning the card over): This side has birds on it.

{Mailbox chomps the card}

Cheerleader, So and So, and The Ugly One: WE'RE ON VACATION!

So and So: It's like the fun never ends!

Cheerleader: Let's go put our stuff down by them olda boys.

OLDA BOY 1: I miss video games.

OLDA BOY 2: I miss my mom.

So and So: I bet they play sports!

The Ugly One: Ooh... I'm too NERVOUS! ''

{The Ugly One sticks her head in the sand, a Fat Bird flies in and perches on her}

The Ugly One:My lungs are filling up with sand. And cigarrette butts.

Cheerleader: Hiya boys! Is this spot taken?

Cheerleader: We're in college!
So and So: We're in 8th grade!

{Cheerleader punts So and So}

So and So: Ow! My hopes of reaching 1st base!

Cheerleader: Oh that's just my little sister who's at least 5 years younger than me. She's never kissed a boy.

OLDA BOY 1: You look the same age.


The Man with the Huge Mouth: SAILING MISHAP!!

OLDA BOY 2: I'm gonna miss her.

OLDA BOY 1: I'm gonna miss video games.

The Ugly One: I hope nobody cool or famous is staring at me.

George Washington: Look, look at that girl.

So and So: She's my friend, but not my best. Now who wants to tandem parasail with me?

George Washington: Woot.

Abe Lincoln: Woot.

Henry Rollins: Woot.

Narrator Strong Bad: IT'S ALMOST OVER!

{What's Her Face is hanging out with Thomas. Thomas is skateboarding}

What's Her Face:: Do an indy nosebone.

{SO AND SO and the other guys parasail by.}

So and So: Sooooo goooood!

What's Her Face: I think my friend and some presidents just flew by.

Thomas: LATE 360 SHOVE-IT TO BONELESS!!!!! ....'d

What's Her Face: Sweet moves, Thomas!

Narrator Strong Bad: NOW IT'S OVER!